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Whatever there is to have, I think I may have had it

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Chaos Infoshare' started by jarrett, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. jarrett

    jarrett New Member

    Apr 25, 2020
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    What’s up, THC. Long time listener. Brand new to PLUS. First time poster.

    So the other day I heard the show where GC is talking about how he got super (what we used to call) “sick” sharing a joint at Xmas and was then sick through NYE. And he said it was like really bad and he thought he may have had “it”, w/e it is...

    Something very similar happened to me. Feb. 10, 6 am, first day of spring semester, I woke up with like a brick in my throat. Hurt to swallow. Cough. Total cold, minus snot nose elements. I went to work anyway, drank tea, got to feeling better. But it basically continued every morning and night until the second week of March. And it went through like five different variations of symptoms. I had like an awful sinus headache thing at one point that put me down for a full weekend. I never get those. Crazy body aches another week. And the cough was there the whole time. (I haven’t had a cough since I quit smoking cigs 2.5 yrs ago.)

    Anyway, it was still socially acceptable to be sick and I felt okay-ish during the day, so I just kept going to work and school. No one around me ever seemed to have anything like I had or even anything at all. My special lady “caught” nothing.

    The first week in March it was getting worse and ppl started to say if you have a cough stay home, but it wasn’t a super big deal. So I stayed home from work and school and saw an infectious disease specialist that was on campus. He said I may have the flu or “a Coronavirus, NOT the Coronavirus” and prescribed a week of antivirals, which I took. He also said he thought that the Coronavirus stuff was overblown and real doctors were more worried about the flu. He was a really cool, nice guy, incidentally.

    So a week goes by and I do feel a lot better. I think I’m coming out of it. I’m thinking the antivirals worked. (Placebo effect?) I go to see the infectious disease specialist for my follow-up and it’s a whole new deal. He’s masked up, he’s on the other side of the room, he’s talking about buying two weeks of food, and “We think there are already cases among us.” The whole Coronavirus-is-overblown attitude is not only a distant memory, but one that he doesn’t even seem able to recall. And this is one week later. That was Friday, March 13. That was the day my Friday night meditation went to Zoom. And we’re still Zoomin.

    Anyway, I have never felt “sick” like that before. I had it for a month. It was bizarrely varied. And at times it was so bad that I didn’t necessarily think I was going to die, but it did occur to me that one day I am going to experience my own death and it’s probably not going to feel wonderful. Although, I hear there’s DMT.

    So I just wanted to know if anyone else could relate. The only other case like mine I know of is one of my special lady’s clients whose friend just got back from, yes, China, and was sick as a dog for weeks and thought they were gonna die, but didn’t. This was also well before things were super serious and all. I don’t know if she went to the hospital or not, but I hear she’s fine. And I actually feel very healthy, more than usual, weirdly. Toxins leaving the body?

    Thx to all. Big up to GC.

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  2. jack_daft

    jack_daft Member

    May 8, 2019
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    Welcome aboard!

    I’ve noticed a lot of retrospective questioning of illnesses through February and January. I have a co-worker that came back from China after visiting during Xmas break and was pretty ill with some viral infection his doctor couldn’t pin point. He’s been wearing a mask at work since the second week of the new year.

    That month a lot of employees were beaten down by some respiratory illness that seemed to be spawned around the same time as his return. What everyone forgets is that during that same week of his return the owner had the machine shop floor sanded down during work hours. Years of stagnant grease, grime, and cement dust was floating through the air...and it being January we had pretty much every door and window closed.

    The consensus around the shop is that we all already had Covid and we don’t need to worry about it. Conveniently no one recalls the floor grinding.

    Back in Dec of 2019, I recall reading an article a few weeks before Xmas that there was a “mysterious” respiratory virus in Wuhan that had infected 17 people. They were concerned because of the SARS issue and the fact that no one knew where this new virus had originated. I remember thinking “oh damn, here we go. Zombies.” And then I just let it slip from active memory.

    Now here we are. No zombies, but something.

    Between then and now there are a dozen incidents I can question. My girl and son were sick in February. That same month her father died of cancer, but it happened much quicker than we expected and his major complaints before he passed were that he was having difficulty breathing. (He died of bladder cancer, not lung cancer.) He had been in an out of various hospitals for the past month.

    I’m not sure if any of these things are real or coincidental, but to your question, I can relate. I’m sure most of us can, in retrospect.