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What you Resist only Persists if you're Doing It Wrong

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    The New Age wants to judge all "resistance" as bad- and teaches you to resist it.

    Did you resist starvation today? Did you resist inertia by getting out of bed this morning? Did you resist ignorance and enslavement by listening to THC?

    When I lean against a tree, that tree offers me back all the resistance that hundreds of years of wood growth builds. It offers me shelter as its branches naturally resist the sun and the rain. And it can only stay aloft because of the resistance provided by the earth underneath it.

    The simple act of walking is a biomechanical symphony of resistance. Multiple forces acting against one another in harmony- allowing you to stride across the landscape.

    Resistance is a fundamental aspect of this three dimensional world. It is also a fundamental aspect of you.

    What you resist defines your character. Do you resist greed, or lechery, or sloth, or cowardice? Do you resist racism, or sexism, or the exploitation of the weak? Do you resist the sexualization of children? Do you resist tyrants?

    Resistance has never been your enemy. Imperfect resistance has.

    If your child is sent home from school for bullying and you beat him for it, your act of resistance may well lead to the behavior persisting. The child is not taught other ways to solve problems, as he is bullied into not bullying people. But if you talk to him and attempt find the causes of his actions and then go about teaching him other ways to deal with the situation, you are dealing with the problem more perfectly. Make no mistake- both interventions are acts of resistance against the child's unhealthy behavior. But one of them has a better chance of ensuring that the behavior does not persist.

    To resist your terrible fear of oven mitts by never exploring it, trying to suppress it, and making sure that all of your friends hide their oven mitts when you come over, is an act of imperfect resistance. You are not dealing with the cause of the problem, you are simply avoiding it. But to explore and find the causes of your fear and work to heal those causes, is a more perfect act of resistance and the problem is less likely to persist.

    Should the junkie, who is trying to get clean, be told that what you resist persists? What about the cancer patient? Perhaps we should all just stop voting with our dollars and buy anything from any company, regardless of the rivers it poisons and the animals it tortures to produce it.

    To spread love, in a society built upon fear, is a noble act of resistance.