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What do you think about....?

Discussion in 'New To The Forum?' started by angrymountaingoat, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. angrymountaingoat

    angrymountaingoat New Member

    Sep 6, 2018
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    So Hey, I recently just cancelled my subscription to Gaia and picked up THC. After listening to major UFology stuffs on Gaia for a few weeks, and listening to major dudes like Corey Goode and David wilcock, I really decided for myself that there's a really something misleading about these guys. Gaia in general, when you listen to it, seems to slap you with these subsonic waves, that really kill your thoughts, and a lot of the shows and it's hosts almost have this air of perfection, in which they seem to know something, but really aren't telling you any sort of substance, It's mainly just like this. "Hey listen to the universe, trust ETS believe in our "spirituality' and yeah DO the "work" (Which they aren't really teaching you about at all) . " It's almost like, really hard to believe, when dudes, like Corey Goode, or Wilcock get up to speak, and you get that sensation of garbage coming out of what appears to be their mouths for like half an hour, once in a while you get a few words of wisdom, but it appears to me like it's far from a true narrative. Especially on some of the accounts they have, I find it hard to believe that Goode can tell you about his experiences, and how he has been, "Saved" so many times from these negative ET influences. Like, he's just one dude, how am I supposed to believe that? What makes Wilcock an authority or figure when it comes to presenting his information? Half of it comes out as conjecture, the other half is relying on Goode or this new dude. I did enjoy the overall message, l don't think it's wrong to be spiritual or anything, but people like Goode or Wilcock almost seem to squander it, if they really are even spiritual people at all. Which lead me to try and get out of that for a while. Sometimes I like to listen to Dolan speak, he at least sticks to his guns about the history aspect of these strange events, which provides a little more substance than a played up story. Even Linda Moulton Howe can provide more accurate information and really sticks to what she presents. Has anyone else felt the way I do? Like I'd love to get your insights. Thanks
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  2. chukobyte

    chukobyte Member

    Jun 10, 2015
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    Hey @angrymountaingoat,

    I've actually felt that way for a long time about stuff relating to ETs and UFOs. I feel as though I'm being misinformed whenever I listen to Corey Goode, Dolan, or Linda Moulton Howe. Because I feel this way, I don't dive too deeply into the subject even though I don't want to necessarily throw the baby out with the bath water. I definitely don't know it all, but I do get suspicious about things relating to space.
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  3. innerverse

    innerverse New Member

    Dec 27, 2017
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    You are correct in your analysis. You ever listen to Mysterious Universe? They explore the thread of ET/UFO misinformation and don't take things at face value like the Goode/Wilcock type people want you to do. If there was another show I'd recommend besides THC, it's Mysterious Universe.

    The occult rulers have been dazzling people with stories like this since the priests of old were telling people about their gods and messiahs. Nice story, but you're right, it's about learning how to do the work (on ourselves) not looking for saviors.
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  4. nickzeptepi

    nickzeptepi Active Member

    Jun 4, 2016
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    When i first started to listen to Wilcox th stuff i read before 2012 was just what i needed to hear.
    But as I learnt and grew some i moved onto to other stuff.

    Perhaps that's how it is - a place a stop gap where you can go to get a start, some people will stay there as long as it satisfies their soul evolution. but If you want more you gotta move on and out grow those inner baby clothes and put the big boy pants on.

    Many of the the old texts are multi level and you can get out of them more if you revisit them after some inner unfolding. Certainly true for some movies, perhaps similar with these tv shows.

    They can only speak to that inner part of you once it has developed enough to hear the message otherwise it might sound like subsonic waves??

    continue on your path of growth see where it takes you.

    all the best
  5. sirujux

    sirujux Active Member

    Apr 1, 2018
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    if people have had a hard life then i sorta trust them. the matrix supports irresponsible people. if people make some things up i dont care because im used to it. im made up basically, i dont know if this cat is japanese or jamaican, i just make up what i think it is.
  6. enjoypolo

    enjoypolo Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2016
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    Speaking of David Wilcock, I understand some folks here aren't his biggest fans, but I've actually learned quite a bit from his research over the years.

    In fact, I wanted to post here his first Live-stream he did last week, which is a 3-part series about the Ascension process (amongst other thing). I tuned it live, and even though those familiar with his shows would not learn anything knew, it's still very relevant and insightful.
    This episode actually talks about Carl Jung's model of consciousness, with the four parts (shadow, conscious; male/female aspects).

    The next one is scheduled for this Saturday at 4PM PST, which I will be attending, and so should you if you feel so inclined. It'll be live on Youtube.

    This is actually synchronistic for me, since I am reading the book by Dr Jacob Israel Liberman who was on the Light episode couple weeks ago, and it's been such a powerful book to connect with. These past few days, my dreams have been very vivid and symbolic. Things like feeling earthquakes on a very high bridge that collapses, where I fall in the water, but ultimately make it alive.
    And I realize how significant those archetypes are at this point in my life, as well pointing out big changes ahead.
    I hope the video above can be useful to some people here. Smoke a little smoke, sit back, and relax ✌️
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