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Welcome! New to Forums? - Read this

Discussion in 'New To The Forum?' started by TheCarlwood, Feb 12, 2017.

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  1. TheCarlwood

    TheCarlwood Administrator
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    Jan 24, 2017
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    Welcome to the THC-Plus Forum!
    Hey there, Greg Carlwood here. I would like to welcome you to the forum. I feel we have a great group of respectable, open-minded individuals with similar interests, so feel free to jump right in and enlighten us with your thoughts, prospective, ideas, and theories on everything weird and conspiratorial.

    Things To Know:
    If you're new to forums in general, no problem! They're pretty easy to use and fun ways to engage with like minded people, and get more out of the Higherside experience. Here's some information about the particular features of our forum, and advice on how to help us keep it nice.

    Customization/Profile Info: If you click your username in the top right of your screen, a big list of features will be displayed. You can add a profile image, personal profile details, a signature, and more. (If you're new to forums, a signature is a tagline that will show at the bottom of all your forum posts. Usually a favorite saying/movie quote, etc.) Much of this is just like any social media platform. You can even write statuses and like/comment on those of others. We got a full Facebook and more, people!

    Forum organization is very important for maintaining usability. We have moderators to help clean things up, but a little foresight before posting can help us quiet a bit.
    -On the front page, you'll see overarching
    Categories. Please keep your posts relevant to the category theme. We have a "Wild Card" category for posts that you don't think fit anywhere else, and we love new category suggestions if you think we're missing something. Just message me from your "conversations" tab in your profile options.
    -Within Categories, are
    Threads. Anyone can start a thread, and they are used to start new conversations that are relevant to the overarching category.
    -Finally, posts. To just jump into an already started topic thread, just got ahead and make a post. You'll see a fairly robust toolbar that lets you use bold, italics, post images, and "quote" the posts from other users in the thread if you want to respond to a particular comment that was made.

    Conversations: These are private messages between forum users, accessed through your profile options menu.

    Trophies: Trophies should be familiar to most gamers. They are points that users get from completing various things on the forum. For example, when you make your first post, you'll get a trophy. Total trophy points can be seen on your profile page. In the future, these can be used for fun things, like maybe Higherside Clothing discounts or various prizes that might arise down the road. Get those points!

    Media Section: Next to the forums themselves on the menu bar, is a media section. I'm still learning how to structure this section, but I think it can be pretty useful. Right now, it lists all media placed in the forums. Images, videos, etc. I've created one category you can see on the left hand side called "Videos." Feel free to post your favorite lectures, presentations, documentaries, etc. It's basically a private YouTube for fringe stuff! I'm sure there will be more categories added in the future too.

    Rules Of Conduct:
    *We don't have many rules here but we would like to keep a happy, friendly atmosphere where people of different backgrounds, beliefs, races, and all walks of life can get together in one of the few very few places where we can feel comfortable enough to learn about and share our ideas and thoughts on everything weird, paranormal and conspiratorial. .. and then some. Fringe and taboo conversations are welcome, just be nice to other members.
    *All rules/guidelines are subject to change. More may be added as needed. If you violate any of the rules your posting privileges or account may be revoked.

    Here are a few rules, or maybe more accurate, guidelines we like to take into consideration when posting:
    Cursing/cussing- No problem, of course.
    Harassment/Bullying/Threatening- Not tolerated.
    Name Calling- Name calling is strongly frowned upon. Please keep it to the bare minimum as its distasteful and generally lowers the moral of the forum. I like to think we're all adults, don't make me wrong.
    NOTE: Derogatory remarks directed at other members pertaining to the race, sexual preference, religious beliefs, etc. will not be tolerated and the post will be subject to editing or removal. You know where the lines are, and we ask you to show enough respect to not cross them.

    Finally, thanks so much for signing up for THC+ and I hope you enjoy the new forums. I did a lot of research in trying to find the best infrastructure with the most features, and I think it's pretty fun to use. I personally plan to cut down on my Twitter/Facebook usage and spend more time here. Less ads, less censorship, fewer trolls, and the comfort of talking about fringe material in a more closed and secure way. (Nobody needs their extended family and old high school friends judging them for a random vaccine/chemtrail/Archon overlords post, right?)

    Remember, your forum login lasts a lifetime, even after you've canceled/unsubscribed to the THC+ show itself. Enjoy!
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