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Weaponizing Cog Dis - Switching Perspectives

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, May 29, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Weaponizing Cognitive Dissonance can be phrased as simply "Switching Perspectives." Beliefs provide you with a perspective from which to view the world. You can unlock just about any door with the proper perspective. Being able to switch to the right perspective for the job is an invaluable tool for those wishing to empower themselves through the use of their mind.

    There are an unlimited number of perspectives one can "put on" and "wear" to aid them in accomplishing their goals. A perspective that works for you, might not work for me. So it is useful to "try on" many different perspectives to see if they empower you or not.

    Archetypes are extremely useful here. If you can find the perfect example of how you want to act in a situation, and take steps to imitate and embody that archetype, it can make it easier to get what you want out of any set of circumstances.

    For example:

    My woman was lamenting her terrible balance and posture. When I have trouble with my balance I think of ninjas. So I told her to get up and stand in the middle of the room and think about a ninja. She stood there swaying, with her arms out to her side, looking at me like I was retarded.

    So I thought about the Olympics she had been watching.

    "Figure skaters. You like figure skating, think about how those chicks stand and move around."

    She looked at me for a moment and said "No. Gymnasts."

    "Yeah! Pretend you're Mary Lou Retton or some-"

    She interrupted me before I could finish. "Nadia Comaneci."

    No sooner had the words escaped her lips than her back straightened and the swaying ceased. Her arms dropped to her sides, with all the grace and form of a gold medalist, and her neck lengthened toward the ceiling.

    Like fucking magic.

    Know Thyself. Gather the ideas and archetypes that you love. The ones that will engage and energize your subconscious mind (that little kid in you). Build them into perspectives that will make it easy to act in a way that will get you the results you desire.

    Many useful perspectives are not good to "wear" all the time. Switch them out as the situation dictates.

    Some useful perspectives that have helped me are:


    archons are an extremely useful perspective for me. Even if they don't exist. If I can "otherize" my repeating negative thoughts and make them into the enemy, that little ninja inside me will want to slice and dice, baby. If they feed on negative emotion, then what does positive emotion do to them? You ever make an archon throw up and die? I have. At least, that's the perspective I'm going with.

    "He's just a young soul."

    You can't get mad at a third grader for doing third grade shit. You expect it from him. You go about trying to minimize the damage he causes and you see if you can help him prep for fourth grade.

    "This is a test."

    When the shit hits the fan, this is can be a powerful perspective to employ. The universe (or God, or Source, etc.) is testing me right now. Maybe I should slow down and think about how I wanna proceed here. Nobody wants to repeat the fifth grade because they didn't bring their "A" game to the tests. Everybody's watching- make it look easy.

    "Failure is useful."

    "Well, I fucking failed that one with flying colors!" What did I do wrong? If I had done this, would that have happened? How am I gonna play it next time? Always remember that in order to learn to walk, you must fall a bit. It is part of the process. The measure of a person is not in their failures- it is in how they recover from them and rectify the situation.

    If you have any perspectives that you use, and think might be helpful to others, let us know. The more keys we carry, the more doors we can open.