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Discussion in 'The Case For...' started by spirit x, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. spirit x

    spirit x New Member

    Apr 4, 2016
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    'Quantum Transit System'
    Reality is more surreal than we imagine. This drawing is about speculative physics, exploring the 'physics' of physics in a sense. It depicts the universe and its worlds, not as separate realities, but as interchangeable parts in a virtual cosmic transportation/technological system. Planets and stars are aligned in ways that they form interdimensional spacecraft and tunnels for various vehicles( i.e., teleportation).
    These spacecraft represent the unseen, or rather fluctuating, interdimensional techno-systems of the universe. This system functions both as an all-connecting travel route between stars, and as an interchangeable transportation system, separating into gigantic train-like vehicles, trams, elevators( on the appropriate paths, sleds, rails, highways). It connects the stars into constellation-like formations, thus particular galactic alignments determine their shape, whether of galaxy-sized, triangular space craft, spherical projectiles, and so on. For example, trillions of light years of physical travel can be bridged via galaxy-sized formations on the cosmic intersection, merging with other forms, which function as funnels, slides, chutes - shortcuts to other worlds. It can be best visualized as an elaborate theme park connecting rollercoasters, carousels, water slides, and the rest.
    These objects have basic shapes, but manifest themselves accordingly to the environmental condition, and to the perception of the observer( 'psychedelic alchemy') They can be metallic, luminescent, organic. The following diagrams are technical representations of this system. These uni-gravitational pieces can merge together at certain points, such as on our own planet Earth, and virtually morphe it into one cosmic portal( expanding and reshaping its basic spherical shape into many ways in the process); a planet embodying the very universe itself! For energy and matter co-exist on levels more subtle and symbiotic than we imagine, in this sense our celestial bodies are really planetary dimensions( at certain points). Perhaps ufos travel through these portals, and may also be the source of paranormal anti-gravitational phenomena on Earth, like the Bermuda Triangle. To summarize, the universe is trying to find a focal point in our world, alluding to teleportation, time travel, and hollow earth phenomena.