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This Is All About You

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    If you run with the "The story's all about you" philosophy, there are two strategic implications that must be acknowledged.

    The first is that you must become much more engaged in monitoring your own thoughts and behaviors. What you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. What you are avoiding and what you are harping on. What habits and tendencies you have, when presented with certain situations. You must be able to watch yourself and determine where you are dropping the ball and where you are succeeding.

    Self-Awareness is mandated by a story that is all about you. You cannot reliably guide your story in the direction you desire, if you cannot accurately assess how it is playing out now and what needs to change.

    The second strategic implication is that your own archetypes will always be more powerful than those chosen by others, for any given purpose. Because they speak to your own subconscious mind. If you know your own story well enough, you can speak to your subconscious mind better than anyone else can.

    Your archetypes are also dual purpose. They can be employed for both ascension and magic. All the things that light your fires. The songs that blow your hair back. The defining moments in your life. All can be used to wage valiant Surrender upon an ally. All can be accessed to create monk-like focus upon Accepting and Rejecting Thoughts. And all can be used to shape the reality around you.

    My uncle used self-hypnosis to quit smoking. Everybody told him to design his hypnosis around only positive reinforcement. No negative or punishment vibes. Things like "I will breathe easier, I will have more money," shit like that.

    But my uncle knew he grew up Irish Catholic in the 50's. He knew that retribution and punishment vibes were huge archetypal programming in his childhood. And he was self-aware enough to know that he hadn't evolved beyond it. So he added into his regimen "Smoking will hurt my throat," which it sometimes did.

    At a bar, he has his first inclination to have a cigarette. "But it will hurt my throat," comes hurtling across his mind and he rides that mantra through to non-smokerdom. No ill effects. Nicest asshole you could ever wanna meet.

    I ran a group money spell for a bunch of Gen Xers. I suggested we use Pet Shop Boys Opportunities to harmonize around. Trying to tap their subconscious along the nostalgia vibe, the childhood vibe, the buddy movie vibe, the extra-normal attainment of ducats vibe. With kind of a casino heist feel to it.

    This is not ideal- everyone's own individual archetypes and music would be more effective. But the group must make some sacrifices for common imagery and frequency. For example, the reference to "crime" in the song is a trade off. While it may turn off some people, it will also spark heightened emotion among the others. A little daring, a little risk. Excitement. When working in groups, everything's a trade off.

    Your own archetypes, when properly employed, will always speak the message better to your own subconscious mind. Your music. Your themes. Your experiences. Re-inhabiting these perspectives and feelings, when they are best suited to the situation, is the game of both ascension and magic. If the story is all about you.