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Discussion in 'The Case For...' started by spirit x, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. spirit x

    spirit x New Member

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Something so great and epic will happen within the next 5-10 years, that no prophecy can properly describe it, nor prepare us. It will be more confusing than catastrophic, hence, our reactions, whether level-headed or fear-based, will determine the outcome.
    Perhaps this crisis will be the collapsing of all false perceptions. For instance, It may manifest itself as surreal weather patterns. A probable scenario: The skies change shape; clouds and sunlight merging in psychedelic ways. This overwhelms all of our senses, as if they're abruptly exposed to the chaotic gravities of a distant, non-hospitable planet. This seemingly apocalyptic event is actually an opportunity, a 'crisis opportunity': the collapsing of not only our narrow perceptions, but our destructive, limiting beliefs as well. People initially panic as objects and persons lose their familiar shapes. Though, cities can still be recognized as cities and persons look vaguely familiar, they look disjointed and holographic. This has unpredictable effects on our psyches, as people struggle to process all this in a way that's not schizophrenic. The danger of people either going insane or getting lost in their own habitat is heightened.
    Scientists, world leaders, and our top minds are forced to concoct special visualization/sensitivity techniques, in order to navigate a more organic, merging atmosphere. This phenomena also muddles our conception of time.
    It takes a couple of years to understand this bio-physical climate change. Some astrophysicists deduce that this amorphous, shape-shifting phenomena is merely a tremendous stream of unprocessed information emanating from the beginning of time. Its a kind of signal sent from an unknown reality model that has already completed its evolution, pushing us to co-align.
    This event is a different take on the Tower Of Babel occurence, only it involves all senses and modes of thinking/communication, not just languagues. Our collective worldly consciousness is severely atrophied and divided by generations of truama, bias, and repressive conditioning - yet the greater cosmic consciousness( or virtual, organic, cosmic computing system) is constantly developing solutions. Those solutions are more symbiotic interactions between elements and particles, helping us percieve a changing climate with the appropriate lens. In this respect, this turbulence is actually a vast form of spiritual( for lack of a better word) acclimatization.
    People learn more integrated ways of percieving and interpreting multi-layered information. This mass awakening or mind/body/spirit acclimatization makes life's mysteries tangible. For instance, spiritual and esoteric notions, such as the mind shift, Rapture, transcendence, and various forms of singularity are paradoxically realized through scientific methods - which were driven by the signals from beyond( manifested as the 'opportunity-crisis'). Higher information requires broader perspectives, the former and latter providing a logical basis for time travel/teleportation, astral projection, immortality, and even the blueprints for co-designing heaven. We even learn a new language: logic-based clairvoyance. It's a non-discriminating form of communication which stresses the relevance of everything; no great difference between logical, intuitive, abstract,poetic/metaphorical languages. People see possibilities in even miscommunication or 'inappropriate' behaviours. Thinking evolves into a more sensitive and compassion-based computing, tracing the origins of truama and hence formulating synergestic solutions.