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The Key to Magic- Subconscious Perspectives (2)

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, May 31, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Communicating with your Subconscious - Perspectives

    First, communication is a two-way street. Speaking to your subconscious is very different from listening to it. Listening to your subconscious is the realm of Remote Viewing and accessing the "Akashic Records" or the "Information Field." It is about gaining access to information that you would not have through normal means.

    I am adequate- at best- at listening to my subconscious and I don't use it to gain knowledge about the outside world. EnjoyPolo and Shamangineer might be better equipped to speak on the subject than I. Dream interpretation can be very useful here as well, and Nickzeptepi might be the better man to answer questions about that than I would be.

    My area of expertise is in speaking to your subconscious. And I think this is the place for most people to start. This will allow you to "clean up" your mind and settle things down better so that you are in a "quieter" mindset for the more advanced practices of listening to it. This is also the realm of Manifestation.

    It is useful for me to think of my subconscious mind as my autistic younger brother. "Autistic" is useful in that it reminds me that I must speak to him in a very specialized way to create patterns for him to repeat. Thinking of him as my "younger brother" stimulates in me the desire to nurture and protect him.

    This is why most of the 'magical' guests that Greg has on the show seem to belittle us Conspiracy Theorists. They keep telling us to "Stop worrying about those evil people over there, evilly doing evil things in an evil way." They take this view because they have been taught to nurture and protect their subconscious minds. And they're right- to a degree.

    If you are spending most of your time watching evil people doing evil things, you are not spending most of your time building yourself into a Demigod. Not only that, but you are repeatedly traumatizing your autistic younger sibling and demonstrating patterns that they will eventually learn and repeat. Patterns like "dwelling on evil."

    I take a modified view of this. The evil in this world is so pervasive and so extreme, that I choose not to just "look the other way." I choose to combat this evil in whatever small way I am afforded. Sun Tzu said "Know Thy Enemy." If you know your enemy's tactics, you can avoid and counter them. If I didn't know about fluoride, I couldn't eliminate it from my life. If I didn't know about how the enemy uses the Law of Polarity against me, I would waste dozens of hours arguing about Trump and poisoning myself with toxic stress hormones.

    Keeping abreast of the enemy's machinations is very useful to me. However, I still need to nurture and protect my autistic younger brother. He is the key to both my happiness, and winning the war I choose to fight. So there is a delicate balance to be struck here. And that balance needs to weigh much more heavily in favor of keeping him nurtured and protected.

    Finally, the art of communicating with your subconscious is the backbone of all self perfection. It is also the backbone of all magic. It is your access to the powerful forces of creation and it is your birthright. You must learn to use it wisely.

    The wisdom to use this art of communication is founded on two principles. "Perfect Thyself" and "The Law of Cause and Effect" (or Karma).

    Perfect Thyself

    You would not give a loaded gun to a small child. If you are not "mature" or "perfected" enough to use your power wisely, you will hurt yourself and the people around you. All magical orders have rites of passage and initiations. These are designed to purify and mature you so that once they have given you the Keys to the Kingdom, you will use them in a way that isn't going to cause harm to yourself and the people around you. The first step in becoming a powerful creator is to Perfect Yourself. You do this by taming your emotions and polishing your logical reasoning skills. This is not easy and this is not quick. It is the path less traveled for a reason. And it is the most rewarding path one can ever choose.

    The Law of Cause and Effect

    All of the energy that you put out into the world will eventually come back to you. It will come back with the qualities that it was sent out with. If you use your power out of anger, or fear, or greed, or jealousy- that power will eventually return to you in kind. If you have purified and matured yourself to a point where all of the energy you send out is based in love, and joy, and blessings, and harmony- the universe has no choice but to return it in that fashion.