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The Key to Magic- Speaking to Your Subconscious (3)

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, May 31, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Your subconscious mind is watching and learning everything you experience. At all times, it is absorbing the world around you. The key to speaking to it is to maximize the desired input and minimize the undesired input.

    This has unhappy ramifications for the Death Metal aficionados. It is not welcome news to the Horror Movie buffs or the True Crime readers. And those of us glued to the News Feeds 24/7 are totally fucked. If you are looking to improve your life and empower yourself through your subconscious, cutting things out of your experience is just as important as putting things into it.

    (Fuckin' Greg, man... I absolutely LOVE his song that goes "And that's where they found me... In the cemetery..." But I will not download it and repeat it to my subconscious.)

    The important rules that govern speaking to your subconscious are these:

    Language Is Effective- But It Comes With More Pitfalls.

    Your subconscious mind does not understand negative modifiers. It will simply drop them from whatever statements it hears. "I am not depressed," becomes "I am depressed." "I am unhindered by this," is translated as "I am hindered by this." You can program your subconscious to repeat the exact opposite pattern than the one you desire by using negative modifiers.

    Always use the present tense. Your subconscious is only concerned with the here and now. If you say "I will heal," your subconscious doesn't need to do anything right now. What will happen, will happen later. Always place your desired result in the here and now. "I am healing," or "I am healed."

    Your Subconscious Mind Prefers To Communicate In Images And Emotions.

    The best way to get a clear message across to your subconscious is by using pictures and emotions. Design clear visuals of what you want. Don't try to use a visual of something you don't want and then draw a big "X" over it or make it fade into black. Your subconscious won't understand that. Create images of the result you are trying to achieve.

    When you are visualizing what you want, try to attach emotions to it. Emotions are metaphysical rocket fuel. If you can associate your desired result with feelings of joy or love or gratitude, you will make a bigger impression on your subconscious. The higher the intensity of these emotions, the larger the impression you make.

    Five Sensory Input Amplifies The Message

    If you are trying to manifest a boat for yourself and you've designed a good visual and attached feelings of freedom and joy to it, you can amplify the message to your subconscious by making yourself experience the smell the salty air. Hearing the billowing of the sails. Tasting the spray of sea foam. And feeling the rope in your hands.

    The "richer" the experience for your subconscious mind, the more powerful your message will be.

    Repetition Is King

    Long hours of meditation and concentration can be very useful, but they ARE NOT NECESSARY to perfect yourself and perform magic. Repeated patterns are your subconscious mind's currency. In fact, long hours of meditation are only possible by repeating the the pattern of meditation over and over for your subconscious to learn. I am a shitty meditator and I have had much success by simply repeating patterns for my subconscious to learn.

    The more times per day that you can bring your mind back to these techniques, the bigger the impression you will make on your subconscious. Spend 5 to 10 seconds in a happy daydream about your desired result, and then get back to your life. Repeat it as many times per day as you can. You want to go for Quality and Quantity- not Duration. If you create a powerful message and repeat it many times, your subconscious will get on board. Duration is good, and can amplify your message- but it is not required.

    Know Thyself

    One of the very useful first steps you can take is making a list of all the things you really like. The toys you played with as a kid. The things that made you stay up, late into the night, to study or think about or engage in. What are the items, concepts, themes, historical periods, etc. that excite that little kid in you? These things will grant you easy access to your subconscious mind.

    Ballerinas, pirates, unicorns, trucks, computers, nature- it doesn't matter. It only matters that these things entice and engage that autistic child inside of you. If you can get that little child to want to continue to play with your "desired result" after you've fallen asleep, the work is done. So connect your result to the themes that will keep that child playing.

    Ceremonial magic practitioners perform their elaborate rituals in the hope that all of the props, the dress, the language, the candles will make a big impression on their subconscious. Sigil magic works best if you can forget what the sigil means- this will drop the conscious mind's filtering and effectively create a subliminal message. Blood sacrifice is a way of attaching as much emotion to the process as possible. All magic is based on one principle- speaking effectively and powerfully to your own subconscious mind.

    Build yourself into a more perfect version of you, by ending unhealthy subconscious patterns and building new, healthy ones. Then start trying out some different methods to manifest your desires. Find the ones that work best for you and run with them. Test ideas from different practitioners and cobble together your own system. No one person knows all the techniques and there are yet many to be discovered.

    You do not have to summon and enslave demons to do your bidding to perform magic. In fact, I would recommend against it. All you have to do is nurture, protect, and speak effectively to your own subconscious mind.
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