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THC Pit Crew - Revisited

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Leave it to a wop to bring a knife to a gunfight.

    So who's the schmuck who brought a NASCAR spell to a counter-culture forum?

    That would be me. And I don't believe that was the only place I screwed the pooch. In retrospect, perhaps there was better imagery that could have been employed. Maybe a grower, developing a new strain of cannabis, collecting and utilizing the strains and techniques of the larger community of growers. (Choosing a theme that many more of the participants might more readily harmonize around)

    It also probably wasn't wise to challenge the belief structures of many participating members concerning the Love / Fear dichotomy- while I was attempting to harmonize the group around my intention.

    Whatever the cause, the THC Pit Crew spell was a resounding failure. There could be many reasons for it, and the inadequacy of the magician cannot be overlooked.

    One area that bothers me, however, is the adherence to the notion of "Space Weather." During this last Mercury Retrograde, I was more consistently productive in my writing than I have been in years. No setbacks. No hiccups. No indication of unseen forces conspiring against me.

    The spell was initiated a month before the retrograde. The bulk of the energies of any contributing members were most likely "harvested" and directed during this time. Greg did his part, and waited until the retrograde had passed to launch the changes.

    And everything still went tits up.

    The large red flag, to my eyes, is a statement Greg made soon after the clusterfuck had been remedied. "Imagine how bad it could have gone if I hadn't waited for the Mercury Retrograde to pass." This is troubling, in my view, because it is the hallmark of Confirmation Bias.

    What would your reaction be if I had written a post that stated "Imagine how bad the changeover could have gone if I had not initiated the Pit Crew spell?" You would see through it in a second. It implies, without any evidence, that my spell in infallible. It implies that my spell really did work and that unseen forces were so stacked against it, that the observed negative result actually confirms how effective it was.

    Do not stagnate your growth by blaming unseen and immeasurable forces. Take responsibility for your failures and seek to perfect the techniques that might be lacking. All of your failures are not caused by you, but if you take responsibility them, you are constantly honing your skills and growing more powerful with each ensuing misfortune.

    Did I cause the trainwreck that the changeover became? It could very well be. It could also be any of the other factors involved. But if I choose to blame those other factors, I rob myself of an opportunity to perfect my skills beyond what they are. And I build up belief structures in my head that will ultimately subjugate me to the perceived power of those other factors.

    I seek to be more powerful than "Mercury Retrograde" or any other "Space Weather." This starts with the perspective that it is only I that determines my failures and successes. Not Mercury.
  2. sirujux

    sirujux Active Member

    Apr 1, 2018
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    who knows if space is real, maybe astrology is a thing only because most people believe in it. if it was only goats on this planet what would it look like? that is the question.
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