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Spiders Vs Owls Vs ???

Discussion in 'The Carlwood Q & A' started by occultfan, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. occultfan

    occultfan New Member

    Apr 3, 2015
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    Hiya Greg! It's lingered in the back of my consciousness since you mentioned it at the closing briefly of 'the owls vs the spiders' - Now at this moment I'm watching the new Dark Journalist episode with Dr. F talking about Lee Oswald's Nazi connections, how the Mauser used was a version created for Argentina, and I got to thinking - what if this Nazi connection no one wants to talk about is connected to the in-fighting amongst the elites and those who make such high-level power-plays so I quickly paused the video and search-queried 'spiders vs owls' - and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOZwWIjjBkA came up as a top search suggestion. I hope you'll watch that, or already have, but I'm wondering if you will either answer in some detail your innerstanding of this situation, or if you will have a guest on who is well-studied in the different elite gangs, and how potentially ET's tie-in to each factions interests, since it would seem that, like LMH was speaking to, there are four groups of ET, good/bad, psychic/non-psychic, a combo of each, that perhaps the vested interests of those who play with the high-level toys, noise, and power-positions must/will reflect this alliance and perhaps even that this is some cosmic-multi-player 'game of chess' happening, a battle for the soul of homo sapien sapien, perhaps. Now I will settle for your speculation on the owls and spiders and if you have any other groups to add, but since the Nazi meme is so fresh in my mind, certainly it would be great to hear from a veritable well-spoken repository of wealthy/potent experience in studying this topic so deeply such as yourself would have to speculate, 'high-octane' or otherwise, and I think it would be of great benefit to shining light on this situation of 'whatever-the-fuck-it-is-that-is-happening' in this world, and soon, or already, off of it as well -

    So I hope this makes sense, and it's clear what I'm asking for you to speculate on, and perhaps as a bonus question for the upcoming Q & A if I haven't already asked enough - what do you see the future looking like? Really... your best honest speculation after digging in to it and thinking about it - do you see humanity having taken on a powerful individual-based sense of Virtue and self-motivation, shared in a communal sense of belonging with one another as fellow strong, self-realized individuals who have the tech to move on and off planet both with hard-tech and spirit-tech? Coz obviously that would be the tits. Stay strong my man, you are invaluable.

    Also it would be great if you had Dark Journalist on. You two are like the Dynamic Duo, except with two Batmans. All Batman, No Robin.