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Sophia:- Goddess of Wisdom or Neglectful Mother Who Abandoned Jehovah

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by nickzeptepi, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. nickzeptepi

    nickzeptepi Active Member

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Jehovah's muse compelled me to write this. :p


    Sophia:- Goddess of Wisdom or Neglectful Mother Who Abandoned Jehovah

    Sophia in her wisdom, well it looks like she was a bit lonely and wanted a baby, created something with only her half of the story, ignoring the the male side of things thinking she knew best (strange how this story is still playing out) she created something and what was born, was not what she wanted or imagined, she projected all her neurosis on it, so it became a twisted Snake like being with a head of a noble Lion.

    To cover her tracks she sent the baby god (Yaldebaoth) to the furthest arm of the spiral galaxy, hid it a planetary heliosphere consisting of a brown dwarf (Saturn) and a couple of life sustaining planets, these became his throne, where he literally played god, like little new born gods do. Carefully hidden away out of sight of the proper immortal gods, Sophia had gotten away with her deception and neglectful ways until the bubble burst and the Saturnian heliosphere was absorbed into the Solar sun, solar system.

    Before that bubble burst, Yaldebaoth, abandoned from his mothers love and connection to the higher realms of the pleroma a place he knew he originated from. Twisted all the wrong ways after absorbing his mothers shame, he was lonely, depressed, full of bitterness, with a dash of rage. He repeated his mothers sin and created some friends, but he didn’t abandon them. Life was good in his heliosphere bubble, he was God his “friends” liked him, well most of them. They got to roam about their planet, mingle with the dinosaurs and after millions of years it got boring so they got some mammals going. Mammals were great, the Archons (the collective name for him and his buddies) could live in their subconscious and get to feel the thrill of the hunt, the kill and the blood in the mouth, and then there was the fucking.

    Sophia was blissfully unaware and happy, and Yaldebaoth was getting rather arrogant in his hidden play pen, declaring he was God the all-mighty, there were none other than him etc etc, well what do you expect given the situation. Hidden away from all the other Gods in his own mini solar system, he was given planets and matter to play with, creating this and that, destroying that and this under his purple haze heliosphere. There were no other Gods, in his know universe.

    Plotting behind the scenes was the all pervasive archetypal mother, she knew everything, got everywhere, was literally the consciousness of sentient beings. It had gotten to a point where Sophia had to put up or be banged up, and the will of the consciousness caused the tiny changes that eventually caused Yaldebaoth’s system to bump up against a new developing system.

    Yaldebaoth (Jehovah) had two planets full of life, one even had basic hominids, they’d just got into painting on cave walls, carving stuff, and loved to hunt, Archons love being a predator, the thrill of stalking and killing its one big roller coast ride to them.

    Yaldebaoth’s bubble burst and his hell was broken loose, not only did the people on the planets see the stars for the first time, the Pleroma saw his haphazard dabbling in life creation in it’s fullness, then they had to decide do we wipe this slate clean or see what develops in the unique experiment?

    Ugg being a basic cave man – (he was much more than this but we’ll go with it for now) witnessed the purple glow canopy disappearing, slowly and gradual, then sudden revealing of a sky that had been hidden beneath that purple glowing canopy for his life so far, never before had he seen the tiny shimmering white dots that seemed so distant but also seemed close some how, connected. it was a shock to his system, a cold realisation and sudden conscious awareness that he was no longer alone in his bubble there was sure to be other places just like his place, other people just like his people, somewhere out there he could feel it just like he felt his other intuitive shared thoughts amongst his tribe.

    The planets and sun he knew for all his life started to shift and move, new patterns emerged between them connecting them lighting up the whole sky bigger than any tree or mountain. The thing that compelled him to hunt and eat also compelled him to draw paint and carve these patterns and symbols on what ever was around.

    • [​IMG]
    A new age had started for Ugg, Jehovah and the highest Gods in the Pleroma, how it starts to unfold we get hints in the bible and other places but there always two side to each coin and then there’s the edge.