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Situation in USA

Discussion in 'Joint Sessions Thread' started by idefix, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. idefix

    idefix New Member

    Sep 13, 2018
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    what is going on from you'r prospectiv?

    looking on from the outside semse like they are trying to implement so much stuff on the same time.

    1. mandetory vaccin
    2. mail in balots for easyer ways to cheat in the future?
    3. maxwell? going to out trump in critical weeks before election?
    4. mask mandetory, not yet here in Finland, been some talk about them this week, even tho THL ( our CDC ) says they don't work. We should just use them to remeber to fear covid! there own words
    5. Hydroxychloroquine ban
    6. trump delaying election? what happen if that happens you'r opinion?
    7. Social media bans people everyday, for nothing really
    probebly forgott alot here, a start aleast to think about

    Also about the :
    The Union of the Unwanted
    You going to set your free version of the show on the tommyg website? going to join them when they are live again or no?