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Robert Sullivan Cinema Symbolism 10/15/2014

Discussion in 'THC+ Episodes' started by waywardintellect, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. waywardintellect

    waywardintellect New Member

    Dec 21, 2018
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    Hey Greg & fellow Plus members

    While listening and enjoying this episode I heard something that urged me to do further research. As Mr. Sullivan was going into detail about Aleister Crowley's relationship with Ian Fleming, he mentioned aleister using and distributing LSD this felt like it couldn't be possible, yet I could be wrong, after some brief searching I found not only did aleister not mention LSD in his "Drug Diaries" LSD wasn't commercially produced on any mass scale until 1947 the same year Mr. Crowley Died. Also its suitable to mention that the CIA didn't "discover" LSD until 1950 so if the intelligence agencies are to be trusted and i'm not suggesting they are then the timeline just doesn't add up to Crowley Being an LSD dispensing agent. unless of course if robert has information to challenge this I'd love to see him back on the podcast if possible to back up his claim. I do realize Albert hoffman and his colleagues used LSD for the first time in 1943 so if anyone else can find info as to if LSD left the lab and got into Crowley's circle that would be welcomed, I could not.

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