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Polarity and Pirates

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    All polarity is not bad. It is a very good thing that humanity is naturally polarized toward Good. And toward Survival. We are polarized these ways because we are pack animals. Biology is polarized toward Survival, and socialized biology is polarized toward Harmony within the pack. Evil disrupts the harmony of the pack.

    It is strategically wise to choose a path of Good. The Good path brings with it all the kinda shit you want in your story. Gifts. Growth. Happiness. Honesty. Allies. It is strategically wise to be polarized toward Good because the whole path is fraught with things you want.

    Evil is retarded because it wants all the same shit. Evil wants Love and Happiness, but it can only think to achieve it at the expense of another. Its warped desires, methods, or problem solving skills have caused it to deny its own humanity. To deny its true pack animal nature.

    Evil sabotages the team.

    Back in the day, pirates used to force new crew members to sign the "Ship's Articles." These were a set of rules that they all agreed to abide by while on board.

    Many of the rules were about fire. Being on a wooden ship polarizes you heavily against fire. No smoking belowdecks. Strict times and locations for lantern usage.

    Many ships also banned any form of gambling outright. This was not some moral critique. This was because everybody saw what gambling did to the harmony of the crew. So while underway, there was no bad blood between you and the guy who took all your money last week in a game of dice.

    We all win together and we all lose together. And when we step off this boat, every man has a fat sack to gamble and whore away at their leisure.

    Another almost universal article was No Women. For the exact same reasons as gambling.

    There are good and useful Polarities. Even ones that sound rigid or insane, can be useful and even necessary under certain circumstances.

    Many will tell you that the object is to "Depolarize" yourself. And I would agree- to a point. The matrix sets up many false polarities to entrap you and waste your time. Trump v Hillary. Wall v No Wall. These are what you seek to depolarize yourself from.

    Do not depolarize yourself from that which enables you. Good enables you strategically. Polarize yourself toward it. If you can polarize yourself more toward Growth, than Needing To Be Right, then you become more adaptable. If you polarize yourself toward Love, you win the game as you play it.

    Ascension will already depolarize you a lot. I wouldn't seek more of it. Instead, I would strengthen and develop the polarities that I knew were useful. And seek out other polarities that stand up under pressure and get me to where I want to go.