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Open letter to Carlwood: Libertarians and scarcity

Discussion in 'The Carlwood Q & A' started by ttsoares, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. ttsoares

    ttsoares Member

    Nov 8, 2018
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    </Sorry for my bad English/>

    Listening to this:

    I remembered when Libertarians tried to attract me years ago during the International Free Software Forum (FISL).

    My issue with Libertarians is that they think solution that stay in the same level of the actual perennial problem: scarcity.

    From the Ubuntu Movement (Michael Telinger):

    Free Energy --> infinite water --> infinite food --> no need to "work" --> money obsolete -->
    --> end of "economy" --> govern irrelevant

    If absolutely everything exist at infinite abundance (witch is already true) we need only realize that and start to move to a new existential level.

    Libertarians are, IMHO, too shy to offer a total opening as it is the Free Software movement.

    (Notice that Free Software is a subset of Open Source and it is more important.)
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