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Ole Dammegard | Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville, Barcelona

Discussion in 'THC+ Episodes' started by justman5555, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. justman5555

    justman5555 New Member

    Feb 27, 2017
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    I have to say from the start, What an incredible episode, i myself thought i was "UP" on the False flaggery going on in the world and the intricate ways the world seems to be syncing up. Ole shows he really knows what hes talking about and makes it seem so obvious that these events have much more too them.

    Here are some links and syncs i found between sandy hook and the dark knight shooting. There is a ritual element in all of these events, numerologically and Logistically specific places, times, names and birthdays

    Distances between events in time and space are signifying a more ordered world than i previous thought.

    Like from the temple mount of Jerusalem too the Kaaba stone in Mecca is 66.66nm and that translate too 123.45 km! 123456666 it gets stuck on 6 like the number of man and keeps repeating.
    ( these are the 2 holiest places on earth according to the Abrahamic religions.

    But what's wilder is the higher factor iterations of this same phenomenon.

    Between the great pyramid and the avenue of the dead in Mexico is 6666 nm and 12345 km

    And 666.6 and 1234.5km between Silbury hill (the tallest ancient megalithic structure in the UK and the shard the tallest modern structure.

    What this states to me is startling. If we are to write them off as coincidence we need not think any further. With the factor between the 2 main abrahamic religions most sacred spots too the comparison of the 2 biggest megalithic pyramids on the 2 main continent systems is very powerful.

    But then we have to think of this alignment is intentional the the Egyptians and Mexicans who built these pyramids not only knew of each other but had the ability to measure accurately across incredible distances.

    What's wilder is that nautical miles and km weren't used by them so for them to align so such a significant (to us not them) number sequence.

    I suppose ill start with the synchronistic experience I had that showed me that Distance between events, time between events, specific date alignments are actually a thing.

    This sync was sparked by sharing a synchronicity story with a coworker. My wife asked my for the last four digits of my social. Simultaneous to that i was talking on a FB group about synchronicity and date and distance of events.

    Someone messaged me a video titled World war 3 in Georgia. I lived in GA usa but this was referencing Georgia in Europe. On 8-8-08 888 years after the founding of the knights Templar 888 miles from the temple mount(templar holy place) a war began is South ossetia . The Olympics in china started at the same time at 8:08 am 8-8-08 the next time the Olympics will be in china is 2-22-2022.

    I then tell my coworkers this wild synchronicity and i say 8808 in reference to the date and realize With a rush that 8808 is the Last 4 of my social which my wife had just previously asked for!

    Then a coworker said 8808. i asked why she said that and the order number she was working on ended in 8808.



    This is the distance and time breakdown, and while not exactly 888 years the distance is to the point and on the date 8-8-08 no less.

    I have found some interesting links between, sandy hook, Aurora shootings and 911, which are similar to the above formula.

    First im going to talk about the Washington square park arch.


    The main point of interest is that this arch framed the towers within its arch.

    The other main point of interest is it was built 77years 11 months before the opening of the Twin towers.

    So the area in which the towers were built was bought up and 100’s of businesses ran out so that David Rockefeller could build his financial heart of the USA.

    Weather or not the framing in the arch was intentional the findings are odd.


    from the founding of the arch to Freedom tower opening 119 years 6 months


    Another clue is the phrase “Exitus Acta Probat” which translates to “The end justifies the means” What end, what means, what is framed within the arch.

    The distance between the towers and the arch is another clue.


    2777.77 yards.

    I found it amusing when I went to look up the arch today and google said I last visited that page on


    My first thought was I wonder what the date counts between George Washington’s birth and this arch. George Washington was born 2-22-1732. And then the next immediate thought is the connection between 3 George W’s.

    George Washington first president. George Sr. New world order speech on 9-11-1991

    10 years later Bush Jr is in office and 9-11 happens.

    So in my flying around google earth I found a place id never seen before called sandy hook bay in newyork. In sandy hook bay I saw I huge trident shooting out into the water. In pops the thought, I wonder what the distance is between this trident and Sandy hook elementary.




    77.77 miles pointing smack dab at sandy hook elementary. There was a lot about tridents going on around the time I saw it so it really jumped out.

    So what is this trident? This is a Naval military base, commissioned on 12-14-1943. Which is 144 years exactly after George Washington’s death. And 69 years exactly before the sandy hook shooting.

    Let me repeat, This naval base in sandy hook bay that points 77.77 miles away too sandy hook elementary was made 69 years before the event that it is pointing too!

    The timespan from The building of the trident naval base and the sandy hook shooting. Is 25,025 days or 7,7


    So im doing this research today in the middle of a palindrome week. 7-10-2017 7102017 was start of palindrome week. A palindrome is a series that reads the same backward and forward. Like the word RACECAR. In numerology such numbers have power via their symmetry.


    So today is 7-12-17 or 71217 a palindrome in abbreviated date form.

    Just look at those seconds in the right hand side. 2,177,712,000 seconds or 2177721 found on 7-12-17 the same damn numbers. This number is the number of seconds between the commissioning of the Earle naval base and the sandy hook shooting.

    I guess here is where I mention that I was I was swept into a bible code research and the incredible structure of the original Hebrew.

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  2. justman5555

    justman5555 New Member

    Feb 27, 2017
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    There are two distinct path i researched

    One was the geometric gematria formations that come out of the bible. http://www.biblegematria.com/pearls-of-wisdom.html The core is the Word wisdom Which is 37 regular and 73 the other way and 37x73= 2701 the total value of the first verse gen 1:1 The numbers 37 and 73 are truly incredible.

    When David Rockefeller died i was in the midst of researching the bible path and used a date calculator to find how many days he was alive. and it was 37173 days

    The 2nd bible path was the Meru foundation

    which showed that the first verse when aligned alphabetically in 3d space it formed a torus. and within that torus was a shape and that shape when view from particular angles shows the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

    To roll it all up in my Mandela effect research lining up with Sophia the earth mother. Sophia means wisdom in Latin which is the word that is 37 and 73. directly linking my Gnostic studies and Mandela effect studies into the bible studies.

    David Rockefeller died at 101 at 37173 days alive. 3+7=10 111. Keep in mind that this is the man responsible for building the World trade centers. Since Im sitting here with birthdays and such In front of me its funny to see that David Rockefeller and George bush SR have the same birthday. With Rockefeller hitting his 19th birthday on George Sr. birth.


    Shockingly on 10-22-2012 hurricane sandy formed and dissipated on 11-2-2012. 10222012 and 1122012.

    Odd that this hurricane hit Sandy hook bay and destroyed the MAST school


    This happened after Sandy took a LEFT HOOK. Sandy the hurricane Took a hook and hit sandy hook bay that has a navel base that points at sandy hook elm! From the wiki.

    “Early on October 29, Sandy curved west-northwest (the "left turn" or "left hook") and then moved ashore near Brigantine, New Jersey, just to the northeast of Atlantic City”

    Now that we have information about the Washington Square park arch, WTC, Sandy hook lets bring in

    James Holmes and the Aurora dark knight shooting.

    We can start with the peculiar fact jameses birthday is 12-13-1987

    Naval base Earle commissioned 12-13-1943

    Sandy hook shooting and death of Adam Lanza 12-14-2012

    George Washington’s date of passing 12-14-1799


    The dark knight rises. Released on 7-16(7)-2012. In the movie are both references to Aurora and Sandy hook. The latter being the most blatant example as the name on the map was not cannon to the comics or even the original dark knight movie. The man responsible for the props is actually a resident of Newtown and was in Sandy hook when his car was hit in a head on collision and he was killed.

    Before the release of the dark knight rises on 4-7-12. From the date of his death to the NYC release of DKR is 100 days exactly which is also 144,000 minutes





    So the day after Scotts wife speaks out against the education system in newtown he is killed in the car accident. These connections are just too Cohesive.

    Im still working on all this and trying to simplify and present it in a way that can be Followed.

    TLDR: Sandy hook, Dark knight shooting, 9-11 all intricately connected in many ways. These connections are reinforced with a cursory analysis of the birth-dates and distances between events. The Washington square park arch frames the twin towers and now frames the freedom tower. The end justifies the means is written on this. The 3 George W’s are involved the Original George was honored through this monument that framed The WTC in its view. Bush Sr had his famous New world order speech 9-11-1991, 10 years too the day before his son Is president during the destruction of the towers framed by the Arch of Original George W.