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MIC Deceptions: Silicon Valley, Cyberwarfare, Censorship

Discussion in 'The Case For...' started by enjoypolo, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. enjoypolo

    enjoypolo Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2016
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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I decided to make this thread as a repository, if you so wish, for all things Military-Industrial-Complex related, including but not limited to: Silicon Valley, Cyberwarfare, Cyber censorship and all the ordo ab chao that comes with it.


    Dunno if you’re aware of this recent anonymous letter written by an alleged insider of Facebook’s, and one of Mark’s former lover, blowing quite the whistle on the shadowy activities going on.

    I must admit that although I have no way of authenticating the author’s claims, the lengthy letter is putting the pieces of the puzzle fit together quite coherently.

    Put simply, it’s a jaw-dropping tale of Mark Greenberg (claimed to be his real name) who is nothing more than a MKU’d sociopath who is not only manipulated like a puppet, but claims he has in fact no knowledge of coding at all.

    In fact, at the very end of this long letter, the author suggests the new Inspector General should simply ask Mark in court, to write a simple program to point out the deception he’s been allowed to sell all along.

    More than this, the anonymous author is predicting that the Cabal is knowingly trying to steer the US Justice Dept’s anti-monopoly investigation to lead to a splintering of Facebook into many different entities, each of them ending up becoming even richer than Facebook itself.
    It is, in his words, an analogue to Standard Oil and its break-up, which only ended up making things worse. Not to mention evading any accountability for its illegal actions.

    Personally, I found the brief anecdotes about Mark’s intimate tantrums of his childhood abuse quite telling, and almost feel sympathy for the trauma and manipulation that these people have gone through, which is beyond my imagination.

    It’s like a remix of the films American Psycho and The Social Network put together.

    Seriously though, from the secret society called the Fellowship, to the many alphabet agencies involved in the creation and travesty of the world’s largest human database, if this was ever to be made in a film, it would be historical.

    As always, it’s good to ask yourself Cui Bono? Who benefits from this leak? It certainly doesn’t help the perpetrators or Mark himself. What makes me think this is a real insider blowing the whistle is:
    1) the person writing this is pretty good at telling the story, which makes sense for an ivy-league educated and higher echelon employee working at that level.

    2) the usual suspects present, but also a knowledge of the hidden-hand; folks like Eric Schmidt, DARPA, NSA, even the Queen’s vassals, as well as the Soros funded think tanks like the Atlantic Council and Open Society’s billion dollar contribution. This reads like a veritable cess-pool of archonic forces. There are also intimate details that could only be told from someone very close to Mark (like his sexual fetishes) and his lack of leadership within the company (emperor wears no clothes type of deal)

    3) While the members of the Fellowship are not explicitly listed, a lengthy list of people is present, everyone in Silicon valley, MIC, and politicians suggesting knowledge of a vast, underground network of evil fellows (worshippers).

    4) last but not least, this sort of letter would quite literally get you killed, and the author at the end acknowledges this fact, which is why he is anonymous. Also, while revealing in its content, it’s not disparaging ad-hominem attacks to Mark and others. It reads more like someone who was involved, but has remorse and sense of guilt and ultimately, moral ethics to come forward before its too late.

    However, and this is important, he is willing to testify without immunity (and knowing that he will go down the hole as co-criminal), while knowing how corrupt the Justice Dept is, he is at odds to come forward.

    Can you imagine him coming forward on THC with this? One can dream, right?

    In that sense, I lean towards this letter being authentic, or honest in its intentions. But always keep the salt handy in case.

    Anyways, feel free to post your comments, and, or more stories.
    Peace ✌️
    #1 enjoypolo, Jun 20, 2019
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  2. rani

    rani Active Member

    Jul 5, 2018
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