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Look deep inside yourself, Rambo

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    One aspect of this matrix is the ground you have ceded to the enemy in your own mind. At least, that's the aspect I think you need to be focused on, initially. What ground have they taken?

    Being wrong. Nobody sees being wrong as an opportunity for growth. They see it as an attack upon them.

    Hate. By loving my wife, by definition, I hate things that disturb her calm. Let alone, threaten her. That is the nature of Love and that is the nature of true polarity. Hate has been ceded to the enemy in most people's minds. Reclaim it.

    Language. The shit we have don't cut it. How does one convey the simplest, most elegant, least expected, and most brilliant of answers to an asshole brought up on Rambo?

    "Look deep inside yourself, Rambo."

    Or Conan. Or James Bond.

    "No thanks. Q's been up twice last week. Still showing the pictures round his family."

    My boys don't have the images and archetypes that translate to "Look inside yourself." Or "Tune to a higher frequency." My boys get in fights when they don't need to be. My boys lash out at ally crews for stupid shit.

    Some of these guys ride these terrifying fucking emotional warhorses - without even knowing how scary they are - and some of the innocent women and children get scarred. I need stories and imagery of giving up the fight. I need to get these guys in the game of controlling their emotion.

    And not so much controlling emotion- as "giving up the fight." Cause it feels more like a fight than an emotion. And controlling it feels a lot like giving up the fight right in the middle of it. Hard to do, man.

    I gotta get em to recognize that specific feeling of negative emotion. You know, that "flavor" that all negative emotion has? That sour feeling. You hafta get good at recognizing that sour feeling and seeing it as your failure that needs to be remedied. My guys can't do it, yet. Not well.

    When that sour feeling hits you - any negative emotion - Congratulations, snowflake! You've triggered! Everybody triggers. The problem is when nobody controls their warhorse once it's been triggered.

    Train your horse to remain stalwart under heavy enemy fire. He don't get to drive anymore, either. Or just bolt in any direction when he feels like it. Or make an attack more painful than it need be. Teach him to mind the women and children.

    That "sour feeling" of negative emotion is your WRAP IT UP ALARM. This needs to end because that horse is getting ready to take me to a place I no longer wanna be. I ain't the guy who frightens the innocent onlookers anymore. I am the hero. Who everyone wants around.