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Life beyond Earth

Discussion in 'The Case For...' started by enjoypolo, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. enjoypolo

    enjoypolo Moderator
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    Jun 17, 2016
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    Would any THC listener be surprised at this point, to find out that there are other life-forms beyond Earth?

    Not necessarily human-like either. Just saw this recent scientific paper hinting at the possibility of identifying insects on Mars. Funny thing, the scientific community got so upset at the even just hinting the possibility of it, that the links got taken down, and the Ohio University Entomologist, William Romoser, to disappear into the void.
    Honestly, it's hard to come to any conclusions based on these blurry images.
    But the instant backlash this guy got is more than curious, why is the scientific community so adverse to anything remotely exciting.. it's almost like they don't want us to know:D


    First time I heard of deadly giant critters on Mars, was the testimony of SSP survivor Tony R. whose name escapes me (not Corey; not Kramer; Edit: Tony Rodriguez!).
    He claims to have witnessed real gladiator style (or rather, Starship Troopers like) combat situation with giant killer insects on Mars. (he was a human slave-labourer for info) Quite the story!

    if you have any other cool stories of life beyond Earth, share them below!
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