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Is Your Subconscious Mind God?

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Whether your subconscious mind is God, or is your access to God, doesn't much matter to me. I could see it both ways. And I think kinda believing it both ways grants me more options for useful perspectives.

    If I like to roll with a God, I can be done there. If I want a Universe, or Source, or Great Spirit, I don't need much further thinking. I cannot tell the Universe what to do, but my subconscious mind can. I must perfect my ability to speak to my subconscious, so that it can then relay the message to the forces of creation and manifestation.

    If I go with my subconscious mind actually being the active shaper of my reality, there are some implications there to think about. How does that work?

    Well, they killed Kennedy long before I showed up. We didn't start the fire, baby. That wasn't my doing. So there are people here with me, like me, creating their "own realities" and altering the realities of other people.

    So my subconscious mind, if he is God, is one of many. Reality would have to look like a democracy of subconscious minds. And I would argue that it does. So many people believe that war is necessary to engage in. So many people actively voting that war ain't pretty, but it needs to happen sometimes. If most people were habitualized and acculturated to the opposite belief, would the world look different? Yeah.

    On a micro scale, an individual can bend reality to his will much more easily. If there are no other voters in the affair, no other observers, only my votes count. I think this is why so many magic schools emphasize not speaking about your magic- at least before you've achieved your results. Too many goddamn voters.

    On the most basic levels of interaction with your reality the strong guy has more votes than the weak guy in the tug o war. Pretty people tend to have more votes in social situations. Cops train their voice authoritatively in the hopes that you will surrender some of your votes to them.

    When I first learned the psi wheel, I got pretty good at it. I decided to show my parents. They did not wanna see it, and it didn't happen. Felt like they had more votes than me. I made it a point to keep a psi wheel over there and play with it every time I visited. Eventually I was able to demonstrate it to each one alone. I don't know if I could have done it to the both of em at the same time. Not enough votes to take two at once.

    Both of them said "Huh," went back to their life and never spoke of it to me again.

    Later, I had built my vote count up so high that I was able to attend a party, at their house, and demonstrate it to my dad's brother. My dad, unpacking the dishwasher, places a wine glass over the spinning psi wheel with PhD atheist smugness to end the display. I suck under glass. Inside any container. Even at home alone, where I got all the votes.

    The psi wheel under the wine glass slows to a halt and then picks up in the other direction to a respectable speed. Nobody's within two feet of it. My uncle starts losing his shit "Uh... John! John!"

    My dad, who briefly saw it pick up speed, is packing his dishes into his cabinet- not looking. "I see it, I see it," he assures us with his back to it. Like he can't look at it.

    I think magicians train to both acquire more votes than the average person, and tend to spend them in High Probability locations and scenarios. Alone and unspoken doesn't invite other subconscious mind gods to observe and influence your workings.
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