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Info regarding Steve Jobs & Apple

Discussion in 'Guest/Topic Suggestions' started by enjoypolo, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. enjoypolo

    enjoypolo Moderator
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    Jun 17, 2016
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    Dear THCs,
    This one has been scratching my mind for a long time, and I have yet to hear any real information pertinent to the topic: Apple and Steve Jobs within the Conspiracy world.
    I should preface this in my context, and how they've influenced me over the years.
    Long before I got into conspiracy lore, I was one of those post-mortem die-hard Apple fanboys. I was very much captivated by anything Steve Jobs, Jony Ive and generally Apple related topics. It's obvious to me now, with much hindsight, how this was brilliant PR at its best. Despite all this, I still owe him (and his legacy, Apple) some recognition, for I likely wouldn't have tried LSD in my college years without his influence, which probably wouldn't have opened my consciousness to the metaphysical and inner layers of myself, without which I wonder how it would've lead me to the path of inner-reflection, or what I call awakening (A life-long process).

    Most people who have read books on Steve Jobs, know that he was an eccentric visionary, who was later much influenced by Zen philosophy, user experience, and valued the Arts in general.
    In fact for me, believe it or not, one of the hardest thing to give-up, or accept, ideologically was not religion or expectations of politicians, but that Apple was in on it in this conspiracy against the World. Here was the company who in my mind, had revolutionized the way we communicate, had gone through all the classic Odyssey-style Hero's Journey obstacles to rise from the ashes to become one of the biggest companies the Tech world's ever known. Not only that, it was guided by a moral philosophy of "Making people's lives better" through Design; fighting FBI requests for phone-access, and not storing user-data for advertisers' benefits.

    So fast-forward to today, and knowing what I know now (and do not know), I still am intrigued in what Steve Jobs must/may have known about the secrecy of the Black World (MIC-Shadow Government, Reverse-Engineering of ET tech, etc.). Yet, I have seldom heard anything from insiders, even remotely about Steve Jobs, or even Apple. As far as I know, there are those who view him as technocrat with a conscious who had wanted to do good, but got murdered with cancer-weapons. On the other-side, those who swear that he was no better than an eric shmidt, or in other words, just another elite-puppet.
    Although I can definitely see the difference between Apple now and then, I'm still agnostic and curious to see, hear more on this case.

    Amongst some of the interesting points on Steve Jobs that I remember, here are a few:
    • He believed he used to be a WWII fighter pilot in a previous life (Again, metaphysical and reincarnation themes are common).
    • He thrived on secrecy. His famous motto in the early days at Apple, Inc: "Loose lips sink ships" was notorious. He was also big into compartmentalization. In fact, one of the reasons the iPhone made such a huge impact was its secrecy and surprise. To achieve that, all teams worked not knowing other teams, not even knowing what they were working on (the bigger picture). Later, I learned this is pure secret-society / Military tactics, but brilliant nonetheless.
    • In what can only be described in a Hero's Journey archetype, Steve got to be a major shareholder of Disney (He was the producer for Pixar and Toy Story back in the 90's). He was also good friends with fellow bilderberger types: News mogul Rupert Murdoch, Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle). Now, I can only imagine these are the very people who are usual suspects when it comes to New-World-Order discussions. Yet, this could also be a guilt by association fallacy.
    • I do remember in the autobiography, that Steve Jobs had received a Top-Security clearance back in the 80's. I didn't think much about it then, but it means a whole lot more knowing what I know goes on in the Deep Black Ops World (Reverse Engineered Technologies amongst others).
    • Undeniable however, are the board members of Apple, Inc. At least today, there are comprised of executives from: Genentech (Arthur Levinson), Boeing (James A. Bell), Disney (Robert Iger), Northrop Grumman (Ronald Sugar), BlackRock (Susan Wagner) and last but not least, former Vice President (Al Gore). In otherwords, it's point-blank Military-Techno-Industrial-Complex connections. This was probably where I got the most cognitive dissonance back when I started getting into conspiracy 101.
    • Steve Jobs & Wozniak priced the first Mac (Apple 1) the retail price of $666.66. An innocent joke, or an invocation of the archonic demiurge? Who knows..anything's possible.

    Last but not least, sadly the latest Apple Keynote, which I still follow, was the last nail in the coffin in terms of Apple's credibility, unveiling their Transhumanistic, dark agenda of ubiquitous AI-run biometric systems (FaceID) as their roadmap for the next ten years. They keep reassuring that the data is safe, but for how long?

    So to sum this long post up, I was wondering whether this could make for an episode at some point. What do y'all think? I tried to make this as clear and short as possible, but it was such a dear topic to my heart that I had to include some personal details. Peace everyone.

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