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High Strangeness in AZ!

Discussion in 'THC Explorers Club' started by genxgemini, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. genxgemini

    genxgemini Active Member

    Mar 15, 2018
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    Yaaa'll, do you know how many threads and episodes on THC have something to do with all the high strangeness in ARIZONA. From Fires In The Sky to The Native Magick to this wacky lil campground, One has to admit, this Southwestern space has consistently offered us ABOVE AVERAGE incidents of The Rod Serling variety.

    Patterns are always significant. Hell, this place became a State around the SAME TIME as the aforementioned G.E. Kincaid story...it was created shrouded in the out-of-the-ordinary.
    If you were here in '96, there is no need to remind you what you saw in the sky that night...or how fucking ridiculous our jackass Mayor made everything seem with that asinine alien costume.

    Are you itching for some REAL adventure? Have you ever even been on one that didn't involve the Google Store? Then the time has come to get into some #realness

    If you feel the draw, come. If you've never experienced The sheer magnificence of The Grand Canyon, Summertime's a comin'. Check out of that pressurized cityview & slip in to something destined to be unforgettable! *pinky swear
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