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Greetings from a cyber wizard!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by thewalrus, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. thewalrus

    thewalrus New Member

    Oct 1, 2018
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    Hello everyone. I've been listening to THC for quite a while now since Greg handed me a burned cd with one of the podcasts on it at this tiny little thing in the back of a Russian restaurant in San Diego with some really good speakers in San Diego during the same weekend as ComiCon I believe several years ago (I believe it was called ParanoiaCon or something along that lines) and was surprised that THC wasn't already in my YouTube feed since it covers pretty much all of my favorite topics and most of my favorite researches have appeared on the podcast. Have been listening to him quite a bit recently since he came back (or they let him post again) on YouTube and decided it was finally time to take the plunge and spend the 8 bucks a month to hear the full episodes and make sure I can continue to listen to the podcasts if YT continues on their path of censorship, which I fully expect (and indeed hope but I'll get to that) to happen.

    A little about me, I've been researching "fringe" and "conspiracy" topics since I could read and have been a practicing magickian for over 20 years now. For most of my adult life I traveled with the Rainbow gatherings, Dead tour, growing weed, making hash and generally living a rather Bohemian lifestyle until I decided to go to college a few years ago and started learning computer programming basically. About 2 years into that I figured out how stupid it was to continue to put myself into debt to get a piece of paper that "proves" I know what I'm doing so I can get a job for some materialistic corporation that's never going to happen. So, I quit and eventually started my own company. So far, we've built an awesome crypto exchange platform and are currently working on a social and user-created media system that is censorship resistant, inherently monetized and doesn't mine user's data that with a bit of luck will help be the nail in the coffin of the corporate and alphabet agency data mining operations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    There's plenty more I could talk about as I've been a practicing magickian for over 20 years as well as researching THC-type subjects pretty much my whole life but this is already a pretty long thread for an introduction so feel free to ask me anything and will see you in the forums.