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G'Day II

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by mq22266, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. mq22266

    mq22266 New Member

    Jul 7, 2015
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    Hi from Sydney, Australia. I'm Mike and I joined a few weeks back. I have just been listening to the THC Plus Archive and making a couple of comments. THC really hits a chord with me. Iv'e never had a preferred area of Worldly Weirdness until recently. Now I am definitely into the darkside of human behaviour & human nature, what possesses people, that kind of thing (loved the Tyman interview, so strange). My questions are like "what is it in the psychological and social circumstances of a person that leads to the decisions that they make in favour of the dark side?" EG bizarro cults like Gurdjieff or Scientology or more mellow stuff like Steiner? I read Blatvatsky years ago and couldn't get it.

    Regards your Archive - I like the Atlantis and the Gnostic connections and context, and esp. hollow earth weirdness. RH Factor issues raised by The Outlaw is a big new thread I reckon. I also like this apparent competition between the Archons and the Annunaki for the top bad guy position in the total metaphysical scheme.

    My local esoteric bookstore can't quite give me what THC Plus provides. Great work Greg. I love how you keep interviews methodical and on track. You've got great skill as a broadcaster (were you trained in journalism?). So, hold fast when you go big and cop big flak (Lewis in his interview had the right advice on the best attitude to take). Its noticeable how you have changed in 12 months, really got your technique down now. I listened closely to the Jan Irvin interview. Fantastic content. But he had you boxed in for the first hour up to that break point. He didn't have to keep interrupting you or making assumptions about where you might take the conversation. The second hour I think he worked out you weren't a threat to him so he chilled out a fair bit (a truce with THC, how ridiculous!). Your intro was discouraging for first timers. I would recommend that you change that intro cuz the interview just is what it is, no need to front load that interview with any judgement, you know what I mean?. Anyway, that Jan Irvin content is overwhelming and incredible. So what that he has been a poor salesman for his work when it came to the opportunity that THC provided.

    Thanks Greg, AWESOME!!
  2. TheCarlwood

    TheCarlwood Administrator
    Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2017
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    Thanks a lot man, Jan was a handful. I probably shouldn't have done that, you're right, but I'll live with the consequences at this point. I'm totally untrained, I just took at the things I didn't like about the shows I was listening to, and tried to fix it. It's not perfect, but I do what I can!