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Fukushima 3/11: What happened/What's happening now?

Discussion in 'Guest/Topic Suggestions' started by enjoypolo, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. enjoypolo

    enjoypolo Moderator
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    Jun 17, 2016
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    I'd love to hear an eventual episode on Fukushima, and investigate what happened, but also what has happened since, especially with the coming Olympics masquerade that's being sold to the world.

    Having a certain relationship with the country myself, I know from having relatives living there, and observing the news, especially from a foreign perspective, is very intriguing. Japan has effectively sanctioned, if not outright banned, reporters from covering Fukushima, and further investigations into TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.).
    I actually went that year's summer to a small town struck by the tsunami, named Ishinomaki.
    Still have pictures.

    I just read this fantastic article, in French unfortunately, describing in graphic details the banalization of the catastrophy at Fukushima.

    Please feel free to share links that make a case.

    Some resources:
    Paul Stamets: Myco-Remediation plan for Fukushima (2011) This is my favourite, and by far the most incredible long-term plan.

    Sunao Sugihara, a Japanese physicist who studies water published an article in Dr Gerald Pollack's journal, Water, about micro-water treatment that reduces half-life of radioactive particles in contaminated soil (ie, transmutation). (2018)
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