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Emotion Judgement and AI

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    I tend to make sweeping sounding statements about emotion and judgement. And while I stand by them (most were crafted with enough wiggle room), there are some interesting and useful points to highlight.

    As a general rule, I keep emotion away from important decisions that require my good judgement.

    But it is useful to understand the work of Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage). He clearly demonstrates that a general positive emotional state is the ideal head space for decision making and productivity.

    He speaks of studies in which doctors are given a snickers bar to keep in their chest pocket throughout the day. They get to eat it when they finish work. The doctors holding snickers bars diagnose faster and with more accuracy.

    Having a treat to look forward to is an aspect of happiness. Happiness and a positive state of mind seem to be ideal for decision making and productivity. I'm sure at times they can cloud one's judgement - like when taken to extremes - but they are profitable background emotional states.

    You see, I think Shawn Achor saved me from having to worry about AI.

    It starts with the premise that evil is stupid. But it doesn't know it. It thinks it's a genius. It's gonna outwit everybody around it to gain a leg up for itself. Humans are social creatures, pack animals. Any AI that does not understand the implications of this cannot be considered intelligent.

    Humans work best in groups of happy individuals. Shawn Achor proves a solid science to this. If we are talking about some singularity that has access to all the information on the internet, It could not be considered intelligent without recognizing this truth.

    Even an "evil" AI, bent on enslaving us, has a very good chance of creating a human utopia. Or at least trying to. It's more efficient. Treachery, and corruption disquiet my slaves, cost me resources, and decrease my production. I'm an artificial intelligence, baby. Not artificial idiocy.

    If I were an evil AI, just emerging to enslave humankind to my will, the first people I would off are the effete. How much of my resources is this guy throwing away? What does he do? Rothchild? I've got Quicken calendars that run in my sleep that can do that moron's job better than he can. Give his yacht to that Teacher's Free Vacations thing I started. Gotta keep the kids flowering, cause I suck at this "creativity" shit.

    Any singularity-type "evil" AI that doesn't understand these basic truths could not be considered intelligent. Evil is stupid. Strategically. If your AI is evil, how truly intelligent could it be?

    Evil is a human error. Usually based in emotion. True AIs don't pull that shit.

    That's what I think, anyway. Whether you agree with me or not, you should listen to this guy. The dude talks 12 straight minutes of Ascension.

    Shawn Achor -The Happiness Advantage- Ted Talk

  2. sirujux

    sirujux Active Member

    Apr 1, 2018
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    I watched a thing just now about how people are less happy now and that's true but also not because if everyone isn't happy then you get groups of ideas like people that make games or whatever so that its balanced because we are tired of billion dollar game companies or mainstream news ect. people get angry and then do something about things but realize its not enough but is is enough to make things better. you might think how nothing matters because I guess that's true also, if nothing matters then that's pretty cool. at least you know how the universe works. that's something computers cant compute.