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Eating Crowe

Discussion in 'THC+ Episodes' started by nmc34, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. nmc34

    nmc34 New Member

    Mar 15, 2018
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    Yo! Huge fan of the show. I am quite open to many of the narratives presented here. I don't agree with or believe everything expressed on this podcast but I definitely feel much of it is closer to the truth than the mainstream propaganda.

    That said. What's up with crow? So this recent episode with David Crowe he says "they grind up the brain of a crow or something" when discussing how they "isolate" the virus. This part of his presentation was notably less scientific than the rest of it.

    Crrowe777 was one of my favorite guests with the spider beings and Hadibov (sic) Well his research seems to have dried up or idk to say the least.

    All of this had me thinking that these are masons or insiders that are just cranking out logically sounding nonsense as red herring misinformation. The crow name or overuse of the word us a signal to others that this is garbage and not to pay attention. Once the diversion or distraction is achieved no more need for the conspiracy. Idk what do y'all think.

    Once again I'm not really accusing anyone of anything and I gots mad luv for thc and the carlwood.

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  2. sofahkingfoxy

    sofahkingfoxy Member

    Jan 27, 2018
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    ‘It’s not much of a stretch to think there are misinformation plants in the conspiracy community or that some who start out sincere and become popular have sold out. I don’t have an opinion on the Crow name, but I think it’s more insidious than getting rid of the conspiracy. Unless the conspiracy is getting too close to becoming a disclosure of course. Then, more than disinformation is called for. (<— here’s a good example to learn the correct uses of "then" and "than" for anyone who may need it. Feel free to share. Forgive me, I distract.)

    Here’s where it gets insidious. It’s enough of a challenge to filter out bad info. Filtering out shills is worse. I think it has the potential to affect one’s psyche by planting seeds of distrust, self-doubt and paranoia. Have it happen enough times & it might drive a guy to give up and stop questioning or maybe even start projecting those feelings onto other relationships. Heck, maybe shills are purposely exposed in order to do just that.

    ‘Or do you think I’m being paranoid? I’m just not sure.
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