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Dismantling the New Cage

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by fifthcolumn, May 8, 2019.

  1. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Good and Evil

    A lot of New Agers will say things like "I don't even use those words anymore." They have been programmed not to judge.

    It's not hard. We'll just define the terms so everyone can agree.

    Good- That which increases love, growth and joy.
    Bad- That which decreases love, growth and joy.
    Evil- That which plots and coordinates to destroy the love, growth and joy of another to fulfill its own desires.

    These definitions are agreeable to most- yet they are founded in heavy Judgment. Because you have chosen the path of Love, you have defined Love and everything that builds Love as "Good." Consequently, you have defined everything that detracts from Love as "Bad." You have exercised your divine gift of Judgment, and you haven't consigned anyone to flames for eternity. What you have done is define a circumstance as either desirable or undesirable. However, there are times when an undesirable circumstance can lead to longer term happiness and peace. So perfecting your Judgment is key.

    The reason you put your car keys in the same spot, every time you get home, is because at some moment in your past you judged that you didn't wanna spend the rest of your life looking for your goddamn car keys. You made the Judgment that repeatedly having to search the house for your keys was a Bad thing. And that by placing your keys in the same spot you could allocate more time to Good things like learning the piano or getting laid.

    Your ability to accurately judge the things in your life that are Good for you and the things that are Bad, will directly determine the amount of joy you experience.

    Those who can more perfectly judge any state-of-affairs, possess a significant advantage when dealing in those affairs. Judgment is to be perfected, not abandoned. Judgment is not final. It is unending. It is ever-present, and absolutely necessary to exercise well in the world you inhabit today. Judgment guides you through every step of your life, and those who wield it best make strong players in the game.

    Many people are attracted to the abandonment of Judgement because we have been programmed to Judge things so poorly. It is very easy to wake up with your head outside the matrix and realize the hypocrisies and biases you have perpetrated on your fellow man. At that point, it is easy to blame your Judgment for the entire humiliating fiasco. And you're right. You didn't have all the information and you condemned another person who had actually judged the situation better than you had judged it. Your Judgment failed you bad enough to make you feel this guilty and horrible. Best not to judge.

    Do Not Abandon Your Failures. Analyze and Perfect Them. A failure of Judgment is an opportunity to analyze your own psyche. Find your biases and re-examine the things you take for granted.

    Some things have taken years of effort and force of will to build within you. Some are born of your Judgment, most are born of others'. You've got to sit in Judgment of every one of those things if you are to ascend in the game.

    As simple as the big answers are, the game down here is quite complex. He who wields a more perfected Judgment is better equipped to avoid calamity and maximize the Love output of any situation. Better Judgment en masse breeds harmony within a society. Better Judgment cast inward wins the game.

    What needs fixing. What ain't broke. What needs a remodel. What needs a new wing. And yes, what needs to be dragged out back and shot. Your own mind fosters elements against you. Take those out back and shoot 'em. Heal that which you can and excise that which will fester and rot. Judgment and Condemnation based in Love.

    Love and Fear ain't opposites either, ya know. That's one they sank deep and early. The opposite of Love is Hate and the opposite of Fear is Security. Love is a measure of my affinity toward something and Fear is a measure of how safe I feel with something. If Love and Fear are opposites, I have but one question. What about brussel sprouts?

    I hate me a good brussel sprout. Never woke up from a dream with a brussel sprout chasing me down with an axe. Just don't care for them. They do not possess a flavor I choose to populate my menu with. I do not Love them, I do not Fear them, I Dislike them. And with brussel sprouts, that Dislike is really a euphemism for Hate.

    When some dude pulls a snake out of some glass box and shows it to some chick, that chick is terrorized. I think many chicks would tell you that it is not a lack of Love for the snake that causes all the ensuing squealing- but rather a lack of a sense of Security. Most would never wish any harm come to the snake. Many would likely pay for its care and feeding should they hear it had come upon hard times. They just don't feel safe that close to one. Mostly for reasons of a lack of exposure or experience. Acknowledgement of an abundance of unknown quantities is not a lack of Love. It is a lack of knowledge or experience and it leads to a lack of a sense of Security.

    Gaps exist in the Love/Fear axiom. Because of things like your bright new yellow pants, I can Hate without a single Fear buried somewhere in my head. Your pants are a flavor I don't care for. I don't Love it, I don't Like it, I don't Dislike it. I Hate it. Shit like scamming old ladies outta money. Hate it. Beating up somebody to feel better about yourself. You know- all the good ones. I don't dislike them. I Hate that shit.

    Is it because deep down I Fear that one day I might be scammed or beaten up? Maybe... I can intellectualize that. Is it because I feel a lack of Security in general? Okay, maybe, but we're still just talking intellectual threads. I ain't buying it. My gut goes elsewhere. My gut goes to actions that increase the Love, Harmony, Empowerment, and Joy of a society, and to the actions that would hinder those same.

    I have grown a heavy distaste for those flavors that hinder those same. Some without fearing once. To fear everything you dislike is "slavethink."

    By making everything in your life have to fit into Love or Fear, you imply to your subconscious that everything you Dislike or Hate is simply a problem with you. Your Fear. Once you heal or overcome your Fear of torture and genocide, you will come to the opposite side of this false polarity and learn to Love both torture and genocide. Or at least, learn to love the people perpetrating it. It's called "slavethink."

    How many options are open to you in that single bit analysis of the universe and your place in it? Love it or Fear it. Those are your options for intellectual debate. Do you Love it or do you Fear it, slave? Who wants a slave with more intellectual terrain to play in than that? So I straight up Hate stuff, man. I Dislike more than I probably should, and I can be emboldened with non-Love-based ordinance. That is to say, I can decrease my Fear using loveless, cold logic. I do not require Love to be attached to that which gives me a sense of Security.

    If you're looking for a single-bit aspect to focus on- like Love and Fear- go with Good and Evil. Join the team that seeks to harmonize and empower the world around them- not predate upon it.

    You can Hate that which threatens to poison and destroy my brothers. Know why? Because that is the textbook definition of Love. And Good. And Hero. The world is a bigger place than just Fear and Love can describe. Shades of Security and Hate cannot be seen through the monochrome its flawed dichotomy produces.
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  2. sirujux

    sirujux Active Member

    Apr 1, 2018
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    isnt the new age movement like the old one? they say being positive is all you need to do. when you are positive by yourself you arent helping someone that is around negativity. i think thats where we are getting smarter, we have learnd that just being positive and waiting for god to save us wont do anything.
  3. fifthcolumn

    fifthcolumn Active Member

    May 2, 2019
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    Agreed. Narcissism is rampant among New Age teachings. "I just need to think about myself and be positive and never judge myself or or others." The perfect cocktail to pacify the mob. The inherent flaw being that the only possible way to decide something is "positive" or "negative" is by exercising your judgment. To decide to follow their path of Love, they have to have judged the path of Fear to be less desirable.

    However, I would say that being positive with your internal dialog is a huge step forward on the path to enlightenment. And it is usually best to clean your own house before trying to clean someone else's.

    As far as us getting smarter, I gotta say I don't see it. Maybe you and I, bro, but the masses around us seem perfectly fine with sitting around and waiting for saviors.
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