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Astro Theology of the Nativity

Discussion in 'Wild Card Forum' started by nickzeptepi, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. nickzeptepi

    nickzeptepi Active Member

    Jun 4, 2016
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    The nativity story using the Electric universe, Saturn Theory and Esoteric doctrine as a lens to interpret what we are told.


    A couple of sections from the main juicy bits.

    The story we picture when we talk about the Nativity is an amalgamation of Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2. Both books were written many years after the death of Christ possibly 50-60 years later and not actually written by either Matthew or Luke – were the writers deliberately encoding a hidden knowledge or oral traditions?

    In summary these are the main points of the nativity that will be covered.

    A census is made causing Mary and Joseph to return to there home town of Bethlehem, when they arrive they cannot find a room in the guest houses, so they have to take shelter amongst the animals. The mother gives birth amongst the animals and uses a manger for cot.

    In the mean time a wandering star settles over Bethlehem, it is noticed by Magi or wise men from the east who take a long journey to visit the place of this great portent.

    The Magi find the child and give gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

    Shepard’s tending to there flock are visited by angels who give them a message that a messiah has been born and they declare peace on earth and amongst men of goodwill.

    The Shepard’s go to visit the new born in the manger, they declare what they have been told by angels and Mary pondered over the words in her heart

    No Room at the Inn

    Now this gets a bit esoterically deeper. First I need to point out that there are two creations of man/humans in Genesis – see my blog. Pre-adamic and Adamic peoples.

    The first humans (Pre-adamic), are from the prior time, place, civilization, and were energetically linked to the previous dominant celestial planets, Jupiter and Saturn, their blood lines were around before the cataclysm and their blood lines and re-incarnating spirits descend to this day and for sake of argument they are at a much higher level of spiritual enlightenment and development. The second later iteration (Adamic) created by Jehovah to praise him and to toil/work the land – a slave race with a living soul – not an immortal soul like like the Pre-adamics, is energetically linked to Jehovah (the Trickster god) and the time before the axial tilt.

    This concept is supported in the gnostic texts which describe three types of people and their spiritual or soul states.

    • Hylics – (Adamics) lowest order of the three types of human, material beings in a material world, no eternal soul, no concept of spiritual matters or higher realms. animal like
    • Psychics – “soulful”, partially initiated. Matter-dwelling spirits, they are here to learn lessons, to grow their spirit, they have a soul but need to raise their consciousness, can easily get lost in the material pleasure of the world.
    • Pneumatics– “spiritual”, fully initiated, immaterial souls, they “know” of the higher realms, are often guides, helpers, watchers for Psychics,
    Jesus’s birth from the new Solar God and his subsequent death is a ransom to free the Adamic / Hylics from there salve like bondage to Jehovah. And to birth a new race of solar people (Psychics) that have a new stronger (not fallen) energetic / conscious link to the new Sun and solar system. But the new solar man (psychic) still has a animal nature, that he must conquer before the Christ consciousness is evolved enough to be on a level closer to the spiritually developed Pneumatics, until that time, they live and socialise separately There’s no room in the Inn for these people.

    Born among the animals

    The Sun of man, the solar child has a long way to go in his soul evolution. The image of man, the human design, the phi ratio of the human body is set by the spiralling of the earth, around and behind the Sun as it traverses the spiral arm of the galaxy, the relative gravity only allows so much height, weight, strength ratio. The body is the same for the Hylic as the Psychic, pre-admic and adamic alike, in that sense they are brothers physically but not consciously or spiritually.

    It is with this birth of the saviour that gives hope to the Hylic, that through the Christ Consciousness, he has been given the opportunity to raise his awareness, to reveal the divine spark in his consciousness and to develop the conditions for an eternal soul. He can now start to pull himself out of the animal nature and into the higher states of consciousness, it may take a few lifetimes but it is possible to develop from a Hylic to a Psychic.

    This concept of raising ones own consciousness is an age old theme, we see it as part of the Hero’s Journey and the Path of the Fool in Tarot. On the tarot card 8 – Strength, we see the the higher consciousness angelic being is taming it’s animal nature of the lion, the Hylic and Psychic man has to develop it to the Christ consciousness or in the east its called Buddha nature to before continuing their soul evolution.

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