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A tongue in cheek conspiracy theory.

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Chaos Infoshare' started by metalegs, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. metalegs

    metalegs Member

    Nov 29, 2017
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    Its time to move our agenda forward and “tighten our grip on the galaxy” (Lord Vader). At some point we will need a police force willing to crack a few eggs. And I suspect the current police, while I’m sure we all have experiences of the police and the court system overstepping its bounds, probably wont be pushed much further. At least not fast enough to do what we have planned.

    So we need to replace or supplement them. Replacement is safer for our evil goals.

    But how?

    We start with increasing the pressure of life on every citizen. Our pandemic will disrupt every facet of their pitiful life's. The equivalent of putting bugs in a jar and shaking it till they fight.

    And we really want “them” to fight.

    Who is “them” you ask? Who do we get to fight in ways that effect everyone?

    Race is the easy answer. But there is such an overwhelming number difference between the races. We will have to find a way to supplement the minority side of the equation.

    Easy peasy, we have been raising the children of this country for generations. And we have done a pretty good job of destroying history. And, lets face it the disparity of the wealthy vs the vast majority has hardly been a secret. It wont be a problem to convince the youth to hate their parents generation and the wealthy.

    But they are still not fighting so its time to stack the deck. We will let criminals out of prison on the pretense of COVID. Even though they are more quarantined than the citizens.

    Its inevitable that one will mess up no matter how minor. They know what being arrested means. A very long sentence to life behind bars. And with the fresh taste of freedom on their lips there is bound to be resistance leading to violence.

    To speed things up we can set up a confrontation between people that worked together for a very long time. Film the officer suffocating his coworker (past coworker anyway). Even have a clear recording of someone who cant breath saying as much. As in “I cant breath”. (Note I have not looked into this case other than what was shown. Its very possible that he died as reported and the conspiracy details reported was tom foolery.)

    We will need as much chaos as possible with people screaming what we whispered in their ear “defund the police”! Of course we mean end the police so we can institute our new force. With stand down orders the protesters will be emboldened.

    Speaking of which we will not have time to recruit, vet, hire, train and supply this new group of “law enforcers”. We need a group already established. Non military, not beholden to city, county, state or maybe even federal. An organization that even the Bill of Rights doesn't apply.

    The Space Force.

    We had no reason the teach them the Worlds laws and human rights because their job is defending the planet from invaders from Space.

    Now watch as this fully functional Space Force crush their pathetic resistance. MWAHAHAHA

    I hope this is readable and enjoyable and not at all factual! I know there are a ton of gaps but they are surprisingly easy to fill. And a big goal was to keep this as short as possible.
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