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3/15/18 Denver Shadow Glider. Crazy Chem Trails. Sick Family.

Discussion in 'The Case For...' started by mcq, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. mcq

    mcq New Member

    Nov 23, 2017
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    March 15, 1018
    Denver, Colorado

    Yesterday, right around noon, I was driving in my neighborhood shortly northwest of downtown Denver and noticed an aircraft flying extremely low to the ground. It had a different shape than a any passenger plane. It had a fairly large elongated fuselage narrowing toward a rising angled tail end. The color was almost an off grey.

    My first reaction and thought was, wow, that's a new plane I've never seen, and holy shit is that low! I'm an FAA certified drone pilot familiar with air zoning regulations and familiar with altitude estimation. The aircraft was between 500 - 1000 ft above ground level, closer to 500.

    After the shock of how low it was, the strange shape and shadowy appearance stood out. I rolled down my window expecting to hear a thunderous roar, and heard absolutely nothing outside of normal city noise. I unsuccessfully rushed to pull out my phone and find a place to pull over that had an unobstructed view, but the craft flew like an arrow silently over the city and off over the horizon.

    As I watched the craft go, it reminded me of a common glider, but way oversized. The shadowy grey coloring I struggle to describe covered the entire craft with absolutely no markings otherwise noticeable. It seemed to move close to the speed of a normal passenger airplane, possibly slower, but much faster rate of travel than would be expect with a glider.

    It makes me think of things of heard from this podcast about light reflective or dispersive camouflage technology.

    I expected to see things online from other people that saw this weird shadowy glider flying less than 1000 ft over head, but so far nothing about aircraft has popped up on my radar. I did however see someone posting about chem trails that morning. I remembered hearing the theories that the chem trails produced the atmospheric conditions needed for the electromagnetic propulsion used by these crazy ass high tech crafts. All this shit is way over my head but I can kind of grasp it, not acting like I know or can explain anything.

    I'm not the type that really spends much time thinking about chem trails during my daily life. It used to be almost like a cutting off point as far as my belief in "conspiracy theories" went, but recently it seems to be a topic brought up more often with recent evidence certainly worth considering.

    The morning I saw the weird shadow glider plane, I noticed very strange cloud formations while the sun was rising over Denver's downtown. Bright orange and pink clouds lit up the eastern skyline while the west blended from light blue to darkness behind the rocky mountains. I always wake up early and this was an exceptionally beautiful sunrise.
    Shortly after I looked up at the sky and couldn't help but notice a ton of air traffic and jet exhaust/chem trails lining the sky. I thought about how the traditional explanation of atmosphere conditions, temp/ humidity yadayada, could leave this design. I just scratched my head, tossed my cigarette, and went on with my morning.
    My girlfriend and her son both complained of feeling sick last night with headaches and woke up this morning feeling fine. Both my dogs were absolutely lethargic yesterday as well, but they're lazy shits generally.

    Last night I laid in bed thinking about how the glider didn't get reported by anyone else, (I'm Colorado sober) I smoke my share of medical mj but I'm not on illegal or pharmaceutical drugs, drunk, or strung out in any way. I was in the middle of a productive day sober and clear of mind and I definitely saw what I saw, as bad as my description might be.
    It clicked that there might be a link with the chem trails. It got my mind turning about the whole thing.

    It was a weird day. And this is thanks to THC thinking rubbing off on its listeners.
    the 3 added with the 15 individually equals 9.
    the 18 added together equals 9.
    so now there is mirroring 9's

    I really don't know shit about number magic, but it seems to follow the patterns I've heard talked about on this show.

    Brief research showed a past of allowing crafts permission to "fly extremely low" to research air pollution, but I was announced to the public to avoid anyone freaking out. I doesn't sound like the craft I saw.
    I may follow up with this post if I find out anything more.

    I'm curious if anyone can add to this experience or offer any explanation of what I may have seen.