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  1. sirnicolbolas
    "Everything is the light" - Nicola Tesla
  2. general urko
    general urko
    I may be reading between the lines here, and I may be wrong, but I think the mainstream media isn't completely on board with Trumps agenda.
  3. enjoypolo
  4. enjoypolo
  5. general urko
    general urko
    If this is all a simulation, how come I haven't leveled up yet?
  6. enjoypolo
  7. asterydthewitch
    Recently freed from the bondage of cubicle slavery... Now what?
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  8. rawconsciousness
    Thriving in a permacultured rainforest, in the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia! A retreat to heal mind, body and spirit!
  9. enjoypolo
  10. kinkrbelle
    sigh... bored... (( thinking about starting a "Flat Moon" Society.... Or, maybe an "Inside Out Saturn" group... )) ~ Cuz... Monday.
  11. enjoypolo
  12. enjoypolo
  13. asterydthewitch
    Just watched The Thinning with my daughter. Anyone else see it? A scarily realistic dystopian flick. Thoughts welcome.
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  14. kinkrbelle
    A little nonsense now and then... Is relished by the wisest men. ~ WIlly Wonka ( circa 1971
  15. asterydthewitch
    Living the dream!
  16. jess85
    ice tea, with pine flavour.
  17. enjoypolo
  18. nickzeptepi
    On a hero's journey
  19. kedevine2
    SpaceX live launce this evening. Let's all see the space fraud game.
  20. syntholabo
    Gilbert Ling - There are NO cellular membrane ion pumps
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