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  1. eljay23
    1. jpb322
      that's out-fucking-standing! Great morning music when kicking some serious ass for the day is in order!
      Jan 18, 2018 at 6:05 PM
  2. eljay23
    Mind has expanded so much it hurts. ....or maybe it’s just the tequila.
  3. devoutagnostic
    Not Positive is Not Negative.
  4. general urko
    general urko
    2018, here we go again..............
  5. allitiz
  6. innerverse
    Stoked to be on the THC forums. I've learned a lot from your show Greg, so big thanks for all the work you do!
  7. enjoypolo
    Happy New Year everyone. It's been a heck of transformative year, and looking onwards for even more!❣️
    1. innerverse likes this.
  8. phekinefru
    Antarctic Mental Explorer
    1. innerverse likes this.
  9. trintdaddy
    i hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends & families. if not, enjoy your alone time. it is of extremely significant value.
    1. innerverse likes this.
  10. enjoypolo
  11. alexandravw
    Merry Xmas to me with three months of THC. Homies in CA blaze one for me in 2018!
    1. innerverse likes this.
  12. truthlegacy
    Glad to be a member - Greg rocks!
    1. innerverse likes this.
  13. gnomemansland
    save the humans
    1. innerverse likes this.
  14. donnyroy
    I fucking love imagine dragons thunder! Great cover!!!!! BUNKER!
    1. 1 person likes this.
    2. trintdaddy
      i agree. i saw a bad ass live version on yt.

      in the official video, there's a bunch of "demons"... i think that goes along perfectly with the lyrical intent. he sings "i was lighting before the thunder.."... think of the Bible verse, "I saw lucifer fall as a lightning bolt from heaven" bam!
      Dec 11, 2017
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  15. edwardbates
    Questioning mind...but don't go questioning mine!! I'm retarded...
    1. innerverse likes this.
  16. prof_skmfq
    Damn glad to be here!
    1. innerverse likes this.
  17. bbow73
    total noob
  18. joswald24
    I'm out here in beautiful Ohio. Not far from Wright-Patt air force base. Anyone know much about Roswell findings residing there current day?
    1. prof_skmfq and innerverse like this.
    2. prof_skmfq
      My dad worked there in the 70s. Aero-space engineer. The only thing I can get out of him is that there were "some really exotic aircraft"
      Jan 18, 2018 at 12:22 AM
  19. donnyroy
    It says I’m a new member but I’m not. I’ve been a plus member for 3 years now. Haha
    1. innerverse and (deleted member) like this.
  20. chromeogre
    I've got a few Audible credits to spend. Just finished Economic Hitman and Project Chamilio. Anybody got similar suggestions?
    1. trintdaddy
      chamilio is one of my favorite books of all time. Guffey is a sick writer a la hunter thompaon
      Dec 11, 2017
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