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    Welcome to the new Higherside Forums. To start participating, you'll need a password for the system. You can get one established by clicking the "forgot password" link, and a URL to create one will be sent to your THC+ email. Your username should be the same, but these are now two independent systems. As a result, changes to your THC+ username/password will not be reflected in your THC Forum username and vise versa. Also, as a bonus, your ability to participate in the forums will continue beyond the life of your THC+ membership.

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      New To The Forum?

      If this is your first time here, or if you're new to forum discussions then start here!
    2. 170

      Member Introductions

      When you first get here, feel free to start your own topic in this section to introduce yourself. All member introductions will definitely get a response from Greg Carlwood, and hopefully other forum users as well. Thanks for hopping on the ride!
      Latest: Requesting recommendations megs, Nov 13, 2017
    3. 90

      Where you from?

      Want to know if any other THC listeners live in your area? Curious about fans in other parts of the world?  This could be the place to find out.
      Latest: Washington jpb322, Nov 17, 2017 at 3:58 AM
    4. 50

      THC+ Episodes

      If you'd like to discuss a particular THC+ episode, please start a topic with the Title or Guest from that show so members will have a context for the conversation.
    5. 292

      Guest/Topic Suggestions

      A place to bring certain topics or guests to the attention of THC, and discuss their viability for a good episode.
      Latest: Biodynamics as a positive example prof_skmfq, Nov 15, 2017 at 7:23 PM
    6. 60

      The Carlwood Q & A

      Ask Greg Carlwood questions of any nature, to be answered on a bonus show for Plus Members only. Nothing is too taboo!
      Latest: Moon Landing jeffmacq, Nov 9, 2017
    7. 77

      The Case For...

      Here be threads dedicated to posting text, video, and audio that help to "make the case" for the given topic. Not to be considered a discussion forum, but an information base. Feel free to start topics you'd like to see the best evidence compiled for, and contribute your favorite pieces of evidence as well.
      Latest: Project HODOR prof_skmfq, Nov 15, 2017 at 6:51 PM
    8. 60

      THC Entrepreneurs

      Let this be a place for THC+ members to talk about their personal attempts to get out of the rat race, and support the journey of others trying to do the same.  Have you started a small business? Did you create a product you're passionate about? Are you looking for feedback or advice about something you're working on? Share your ventures, ideas, dreams, and goals here.
    9. 20

      THC Explorers Club

      Know of an interesting site/cave/mystery/haunted place/etc. and want to go investigate with a few other like minded people? Post what you know about the area you want to check out and hopefully some nearby THCers will be willing to take the adventure!
      Latest: Burrows Cave saga highersidetoph, Nov 4, 2017
    10. 152

      Wild Card Forum

      Want to talk about something besides a specific THC episode? Post it here!
    11. 55


      Having problems with your THC+ experience? Ask other listeners for help and advice on technical issues with the website, logging in, locating something particular, finding the best app for your device, or anything else you might need in these areas.
      Latest: Cannot comment on single episode erikx, Oct 12, 2017
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