THC+ Subscription Options

Welcome, Greg Carlwood here! Thanks for checking out The Higherside Chats Plus. If you like the free, one hour version of THC, you’re bound to love the extended, 2 hour episodes I do with all the guests as of August 1st 2014 for subscribers!

I’ve always wanted THC to remain completely free, but the system is what it is, unfortunately.  I’m hoping THC finds enough loyal listeners to support the show and myself in this way, and for that I’m giving them a longer, more in depth show. I think that’s a fair exchange, and in turn, those who don’t/won’t/can’t subscribe will still continue to get the great 1 hour show they’ve come to know and love.  I’ve also done my best to manage the subscription price. It’s the lowest price of a quality show in this field that I’m aware of:

Red Ice: (about) $8.00 American monthly

Mysterious Universe: $9.00 monthly

Veritas: $8.00 monthly

Coast to Coast AM Insider: $7.00 monthly

The Higherside Chats: $5 monthly

If indeed some of the  listeners consider THC at least 2/3 as good as some of these other great shows or as valuable as one latte, cheeseburger, beer, etc. a month for 5 episodes, fingers crossed,  we can continue to navigate the rough waters of conspiracy for many years to come!

THC+ Subscription Options:

  • $5 | RECURRING Monthly Subscription: 
  • $30 | RECURRING 6 Month Subscription: 
  • $60 | RECURRING 12 Month Subscription: 
  • $30 | NON-RECURRING 6 Month Subscription: 
  • $60 | NON-RECURRING 12 Month Subscription:  

THC+ & Moneybomb Options

  • $10 | RECURRING Monthly Sub & Monthly Moneybomb Entry: 
  • $60 | RECURRING 6 Month Sub & Monthly Moneybomb Entry: 
  • $120 | RECURRING 12 Month Sub & Monthly Moneybomb Entry: 

Bitcoin Subscription Option

I love bitcoin! Just deposit 0.05 BTC for 6 Months OR 0.1 BTC for 12 Months!

THC+ Wallet Address: 1GcgVvDkZh6tJbBMW1dsc9MVWgEuEWfEwn

0.1 - 1GcgVvDkZh6tJbBMW1dsc9MVWgEuEWfEwn*After payment, please email the transaction information to: with the Email Heading: “THC Bitcoin Subscription” to receive a Username & Password ASAP!

Give The Give Of THC+ & The Credit/Debit Alternative Option

Listeners have expressed concern over not being able to give the gift of THC+, because the Paypal option requires that the account/email be linked. In conjunction, some people just don’t like Paypal at all. That’s okay! The links below allow you to use any credit/debit card AND choose the login info/email used for the THC+ account. Eureka!

  • $5.00 THC+ Monthly Recurring Subscription: Click Here!
  • $10.00 THC+ Recurring Subscription & Monthly Moneybomb Entry: Click Here!
  • $30.00 Buy 6 Months of THC+ (recurring payments): Click Here!
  • $60.00 Buy 12 Months of THC+ (recurring payments): Click Here!
  • $30.00 Buy 6 Months of THC+ (non-recurring, one time payment): Click Here! 
  • $60.00 Buy 12 Months of THC+ (non-recurring): Click Here!
  • $60.00 Buy 6 months of THC+ & Monthly Moneybomb Entries (non-recurring): Click Here!
  • $120.00 Buy 12 months of THC+ & A year of Moneybomb Entries (non-recurring): Click Here!

Other Options

If you’d like to subscribe to THC Plus but don’t see the option you’re looking for, or would like to pay by cash, check, or money order- contact me @

Thanks for supporting my wild adventure into the unknown, and coming along for the ride!

-Greg Carlwood